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Mandatory Background Check Requirements For Coaches

In accordance with PA State Laws - all coaches are required to complete specific background checks. 

Don't Delay -- visit our Volunteer Background Check page for deadlines and more details!

Thank You To Jim Lynam For A Great Coaches' Clinic!

MYC's annual basketball coaches' clinic was Oct 14th

Coffee provided by Burlap & Bean / Bagels provided by NY Bagel 

Keynote Speaker

Jim Lynam, retired NBA Coach and Collegiate Men’s Coach

Additional Speakers

Mike Doyle, Penncrest HS Head Coach, Boys’ Basketball

Larry Johnson, PSU Brandywine Head Coach, Women’s Basketball


Winter League 2017 Evaluation Schedule


UPDATE 10/29: Changes to the evaluation schedule are shown in red.  

It is important that each player attend an evaluation.  

All evaluations will be held at the Media Youth Center, 1 Youth Way, Media.

Nov 1st - there is no longer an evaluation on this date.
Thurs Nov 2nd @ 6:15-7:15pm          6th Grade Boys
                       @ 7:30pm-8:30pm        7th-8th Grade Boys (*attendance at 1 eval is mandatory for players new to this age group)
Sun Nov 5th @ 6pm-8pm              7th-8th Grade Boys (*attendance at 1 eval is mandatory for players new to this age group)
Mon Nov 6th @ 6:15-8pm             5th Grade Boys
Tues Nov 7th @ 6:15-8pm             3rd-4th Grade Boys
Wed Nov 8th @ 6:15-7pm             5th Grade Boys (Make-up eval)
                      @ 7:15 - 8pm            6th, 7th, 8th Grade Boys (Make-up eval) (*attendance at 1 eval is mandatory for players new to 7th & 8th grade boys level)
Thurs Nov 9th @ 6:15-7:30pm      7th-10th Grade Girls (No varsity players)
Sun Nov 12th @ 12-1:30pm          9th-12th Grade Boys (No Varsity players)
                       @ 2-3pm                 3rd/4th Grade Boys (Make-up eval)
Mon Nov 13th @ 6:15-7:15pm       3rd-4th Grade Girls
                     @ 7:15-8:15pm       5th-6th Grade Girls
Tues Nov 14th @ 6:15-7:15pm       1st-2nd Grade Girls
                      @ 7:15-8:15pm       1st-2nd Grade Boys
Wed Nov 15th @ 6:15-7:15pm        1st-2nd Girls & 3rd-4th Girls (Make-up eval)
                         @ 7:30-8:30pm        5th, 6th, 7th-10th Grade Girls (Make-up eval)
Sat Nov 18th @ 10:00 - 11:00am    CBA League additional evaluation
Sun Nov 19th @ 12-1:15pm           9th-12th Grade Boys (No Varsity players)
                       @ 3-4pm                  1st-2nd Grade Boys (Make up eval)

2017 Winter League - Draft Meetings

Coaches - Draft Meetings are scheduled as follows and will take place at MYC:
Update 10/29: Changes to the schedule are shown in red.
Wed., Nov 8th @ 8:00pm         "A" League Draft (7th/8th and select 6th graders)
Thurs., Nov 9th @ 7:45pm        CBA League Draft (5th/6th)
Wed., Nov 15th @ 8:30pm        7th-10th Girls League
Thurs., Nov 16th @ 6:30pm      5th-6th Girls League
                         @ 7:00pm      3rd-4th Girls League
                         @ 7:30pm      3rd-4th Boys League
Sun., Nov 19th @ 1:30pm         9th-11th Boys League
Mon., Nov 20th @ 6:30pm        1st-2nd Girls League
                       @ 7:00pm        1st-2nd Boys League
                       @ 7:45pm        CBA League

Winter League 2017 Practice & Game Block Schedules

PLEASE NOTE:  These schedules are the anticipated schedules however, they should be considered TENTATIVE based upon enrollment numbers for each league.
1st-2nd Grade Girls
Games Saturday Afternoons / Practices Wed or Thurs evenings
3rd-4th Grade Girls
Games Saturday Afternoons / Practices Mon or Tues evenings
5th-6th Grade Girls
Games Sunday Afternoons / Practices Saturday Afternoons
7th-10th Grade Girls
Games Sunday early evenings / Practices Saturday Afternoons
1st-2nd Grade Boys
Games Saturday Mornings / Practices Mon or Wed evenings
3rd-4th Grade Boys
Games Saturday Mornings / Practices Sunday Mid-Mornings
5th-6th Grade Boys
Games Thurs-Friday Evenings / Practices Saturday Afternoons
7th-8th Grade Boys
Games Wed-Thurs Evenings / Practices Mon-Tues evenings
9th-12th Boys (no varsity players)
Games Wed-Thurs-Sun Evenings / Practices Saturday afternoons

Sample Practice Planner

Coaches, here is a template that can be used to plan your practices and drills for players minute by minute.

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