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Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 13: Top Two Teams Battle in Championship Game


The final game of the 2015 Old and Slow Spring season was the Championship match-up between the league’s top two regular season teams of #1 Seed Wilson Green versus #2 Seed Bentivegna Pink. The teams had split their regular season games in 2 high scoring affairs, and so this game figured to be another good one.


Both teams came out hot, with Julani Ghana of Wilson Green hottest of all. Jules dropped in 4 jumpers within the first 8 minutes for a total of 9 early points, while teammate Victor Ford was also hot from outside in scoring 10 first half points. Not left behind, teammates Louis Deshields shot in 2 long bombs, and Paul Papanek scored a few in-your-face-everyone baskets in heavy traffic. But Pink has some scorers too, and the talented tandem of Pau Geli and Tamir Harbin was difficult for Green to stop as both got off good baskets or fouls shots. After Ghana’s hot start, Harbin also converted to defensive stopper and moved over to defend Jules and make scoring difficult for him. Green led 21-17, but then with that defensive switch of Harbin, and with Green expending much defensive energy trying to slow Geli inside, that led to Pink teammates William “Big Tyme” Cook and Andy Kirkpatrick nailing key threes, and Walt Parker and Captain Pete also scoring. Pink was able to turn that 4-point deficit into a 10 point lead at the half by 44-34.


Sensing an opening to seize the Championship, Pink came out of halftime with a difficult-to-match inside-outside attack. Geli was the first option inside, and if he didn’t score, he passed out to Pink shooters on the wings. “Big Tyme” Cook did what he does best in nailing 5 long threes in the second half, while Harbin, Kirkpatrick, Parker, and Bentivegna all hit long shots also. Green continued to play hard though, and Captain Luke Wilson nailed some long threes, Papanek got some gritty baskets, and Ford continued to shoot well. But the strain of trying to stop Geli inside as well as a bevy of outside shooters took the legs and wind from Green’s offense, and despite a tremendous effort from Green there was too much offense from the Pink to be able to stop. Green Center Matt Fazzini was missed in many ways, but the Green players neither complained nor backed down from the challenge as they defended and scrapped hard the entire game as champions do. In the end, there were too many weapons for Pink and so Pink went on to claim the 2015 Old and Slow Spring Championship by a final score of 97-56. William “Big Tyme” Cook led all scorers with 23 points, while teammates Captain Pete added 21, Geli added 20, Harbin scored 14, and Kirkpatrick and Parker each added 11. For Green, Victor Ford scored 14, Jules scored 13, Captain Luke dropped in 12, Papanek muscled and hustled in 11, and Deshields bombed in 6. Congratulations to Pink and Green on a terrific season, series, and Championship game.


And so as the 2015 Old and Slow Spring Season closes, I would like to extend a sincere thanks to the captains:

  • Shawn Adderley – White
  • Rob Dowd – Red
  • Shane “Supersub” Durnell - Black
  • Luke Wilson – Green

Time and again, these 4 Captains constantly displayed the best and truest Old and Slow spirit of friendship, dignity, and competitiveness. As well, they were asked to help organize, communicate, run the games, work the table – thanks Shawn and Shane for the table on Championship Sunday – and a variety of other tasks for which they receive no pay.


Please take a moment to thank these Captains.


My sincere thanks as well to Referees Rick, “Pop”, and Ralph for doing their best in a difficult situation to enable us to enjoy our Sunday mornings as we do.


Please also extend thanks to the referees.


But most of all, my thanks to all of you who truly embraced the best of Old and Slow, and came to be friendly competitors each Sunday. While the captains and league leaders will meet soon to discuss improvements for next season, and a few players will not be invited back, I do invite you to contact me with any suggestions or comments you may have to continue to make this the best league of its kind. Those who realize and maximize the joy that is delivered by this league each Sunday morning are those who understand and embrace the value of friendship and dignity while still competing in a hard and fair manner. We always welcome players, returning and new, who are willing to play in this fashion.


Have a great summer, come play with friends at Saturday morning 6:30am pick-up, and many sincere thanks again. See you in the fall!


Pink Champions (L to R): Pau Geli; Walter Parker; William "Big Tyme" Cook; Andy "Shooting Buddy" Kirkpatrick; Peter "Rise" Bentivegna; Tamir Harbin; Tyce "Future Old and Slower" Harbin; not pictured - Mike Perilli; Wayne Osbourne


Green Runners Up (L to R): Louis Deshields; Julani Ghana; Victor Ford; Captain Luke Wilson; Paul "Willie Nelson" Papanek; not pictured - Matt Fazzini





All Old and Slow League Considerations (one man’s opinion…)



  • Top Scorer Model – Matt Fazzini
  • Best Players on Best Team Model – Pau Geli and Tamir Harbin (tie)
  • Most Likely to Be Drafted First Next Season Model – Fran Grandieri
  • Prevented Forfeits by Subbing for All 5 Teams – Shane “SuperSub” Durnell


All Old and Slow League (alphabetically listed)

  • William “Big Tyme” Cook
  • Matt Fazzini
  • Victor Ford
  • Steve Fromal
  • Pau Geli
  • Fran Grandieri
  • Chris Guadalupe
  • Tamir Harbin
  • Shane Sowden
  • Jason Williams


All Old and Slow Newcomers (alphabetically listed)

  • Matt Fazzini
  • Victor Ford
  • Fran Grandieri
  • Chris Guadalupe
  • Walt Smith


Standings - Final Regular Season Plus Playoffs


B - Bentivegna Pink 8 - 2


E - Wilson Green 8 - 2


D - Durnell Black 4 - 5


A - Adderley White 3 - 7


C - Dowd Red 1 - 8


Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 12: Semifinals I would’ve paid to watch…a fan’s delight


Semifinals I would’ve paid to watch…a fan’s delight


The playoffs this past Sunday were two very well played games, highlighted by some premiere individual performances as well as solid team play.


Game 1 featured #2 seed Bentivegna Pink versus the #3 seed Durnell Black. With the athleticism of both teams, this easily could’ve been a high scoring track meet, but both teams came out with defensive ferocity that made it difficult for either team to score, and there were no uncontested baskets. Pink went early to two terrific scorers in Pau Geli and Tamir Harbin, and they were able to get to the foul line early and often as they were hard to match. Adding to the difficulty was William “Big Tyme” Cook hitting a few long range bombs as is his calling card, as well as efficient guard play from Captain Pete Bentivegna and Walter Parker. And Durnell Black is no slouch either, as guards Omar Thameen and Captain Shane Durnell also played hard and smart, emphatically punctuated by Durnell punching a shot by Bentivegna out of the air, while Big Men Ken Cross and Walt Smith patrolled the paint to limit Pink possessions and rebounds. But it was Jason Williams who was really unstoppable. Despite tight man defense and double teams, Jason was able to still score in some tight spots including ones, twos, and threes. With Mike Skerritt rebounding as he does so well, and Mario Brown making added possessions with his trademark hustle, both teams got into each others’ grill and had a close 27-23 score at the half with Pink slightly ahead. As the second half opened, the teams still stayed tight until a few minutes in when “Big Tyme” Cook and Harbin each hit a pair of 3-pointers to widen a narrow gap, and Pink continued to apply suffocating defense as best they could, especially forwards Mike Perelli and Andy Kirkpatrick, and a wicked how’d-he-get-up-there block by “Big Tyme” Cook of Captain Shane’s shot. Black stayed tough as always as Durnell was able to hit another three, Skerritt dropped in a key basket, and Williams got some hard-earned points, but it was not enough as Kirkpatrick, Perelli, Parker, Geli, and Harbin really closed the doors tight on the basket and Pink was able to go on to a 59-39 victory. Geli led Pink with 21, Harbin and Cook each added 16. Jason Williams was unstoppable in defeat as he scored 30 of his team’s 39 points.


The second game was also a visual feast as #1 seed Wilson Green took on #4 seed Adderley White. Green … as they do … came out of the gates smoking hot and was nailing shots all over, especially Captain Luke from 3 point range. If Luke wasn’t hitting it this trip, his teammates Matt Fazzini and Julani Ghana were dropping shots, and as always, Paul Papanek was scoring despite defense right in his face. But White team Big Men Shane Sowden and Fran Grandieri kept using their size advantage to keep White in the game as Sowden had several offensive put-backs, and Grandieri hit shots and made nice passes to wing-shooters Chris “Microwave” Johnson and Captain Shawn Adderley. But Green was too hot early for White to stop entirely, as all teammates including Victor Ford and Louis Deshields also scored in the opening half. Despite terrific board work from Chris Billups and fast break hustle from Thomas Durnell and Brendan Zang, White could not close the early gap Green created and went into halftime with a 42-28 deficit to Green. But the second half was a different story as White came out gritty on defense, and Green’s super hot shooting cooled a bit. With some fantastic wizardry from Grandieri, and baskets from Sowden, Billups, and Adderley, White clawed back to within 49-41 and forced Green to call a time-out to try to stop the change in momentum. After the TO, Green came out and scored and widened the lead a little again, but White would not go away. In particular, Grandieri went off in the final 10 minutes and was unstoppable from all over the court. Hitting ones, twos, and threes, the White team Big Man roared in 16 points in the final 10 minutes of the game, and White again got within 65-56, but Green countered the Grandieri onslaught with very balanced and unpredictable scoring, led on the inside by Fazzini and Papanek, and on the outside by Fazzini, Wilson, and Ford. Ultimately, the clock puffed out too soon on White and Green posted a wipe-the-brow 71-61 victory over a very determined and gritty Adderley White team. Green was led in scoring by Captain Luke with 25 (including 7 treys!) and Fazzini with 20. For White, Grandieri and Sowden had spectacular performances, with 29 and 19 respectively.


And so the Championship Game is set to pit the top two teams - #1 seed Wilson Green versus #2 seed Bentivegna Pink – next Sunday morning 5/3 at 8:30a. The two teams split their regular season match-ups, with both games being high scoring affairs and neither team able to do much defensively to stop the other. This 3rd match-up should be exciting as well.


Our sincere and effusive thanks the Captains Shawn Adderley and Shane “SuperSub” Durnell of the White and Black teams respectively. In addition to being two terrific guards and hustling playmakers, these two gentlemen have been extremely dedicated in helping run the league and making it a terrific Sunday morning for all teams, not just their own. I can not thank them enough for all of their help, support, and great spirit. They are Old and Slow model citizens and good friends.


We look forward to seeing all of you Sunday at 8:30a for a terrific conclusion to the 2015 Old and Slow Spring Season – No Touching of the Hair and Face!




Standings - Final Regular Season Plus Playoffs


E - Wilson Green 8 - 1


B - Bentivegna Pink 7 - 2


D - Durnell Black 4 - 5


A - Adderley White 3 - 7


C - Dowd Red 1 - 8


Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 11: Playoffs Begin with a Terrific Match


The playoffs began with a terrific game today as the Adderley White took on the Dowd Red for the right to continue on towards the 2015 Old and Slow Spring Championship.


This was a classic match-up of differing strengths as White has 3 fantastic big men in Shane Sowden, Fran Grandieri, and Chris Billups, versus the outstanding perimeter play of All-World shooter Steve Fromal, Captain Rob Dowd, and Super Sub Shane Durnell.


Both teams played hard throughout the entire match and the tone of the game was set from the beginning. Sowden won the tip for White, and after a quick turnover, Red capitalized with a quick basket and was able to get out to an early 13-8 lead on the strength of three-pointers from Dowd and Joe McBride, as well as nice baskets from Fromal, Sheldon Yates, and Shane Durnell. But after a timeout, White came storming back to tie the game as Shane Sowden asserted his height and skill all over the floor and around the rim. As Red double teamed Sowden or Grandieri, that would leave at least 1 White player open for a shot or rebound, and White was able to score several second chance points led by Sowden and Billups, but also getting breakout baskets from Captain Shawn Adderley and Thomas Durnell. As the half continued, White's defense began to clamp down and it was difficult for Red to manufacture points. Thanks to the long-range shooting of Fromal, Red kept close pace, but Sowden really dominated the glass and enabled White to open up a 31-26 halftime lead.


The second half continued to pit strength versus strength as Red ran a weaving offense looking for perimeter penetraion and kick which led to some nice drives to the rim by McBride and Shane Durnell, as well as open bombs for Fromal and Dowd. But White went to their strength too as Grandieri made playes like a pont-forward as he shot, rebounded, and passed extremely well and set-up teammates in mismatch scenarios for points and breakouts. And if they didn't score on the first attempt, Sowden and Billups vacuumed the offensive glass. As the game went deeper and deeper, Red continued to fight gallantly on every possession, but could not close the gap to less than 6 points late, and White made plays at both ends when needed to secure a 74-62 win. White was led in scoring by Shane Sowden with a dominating 33 point performance, and teammates Fran Grandieri and Thomas Durnell added in 14 and 12 points respectively, and the points belie Grandieri's all-around effectiveness. For Red, there was an equally dominating performance from Steve Fromal as he too scored 33, and got guard help from Shane Durnell with 11.


Congratulations to the Adderley White who have earned a date with #1 seed Wilson Green next Sunday 4/26 at 9:30a.


My many sincere thanks to the Red team for continuing to attend and play hard all throughout a challenging season, and for having the leagues Most Outstanding Cheerleaders in the McBride, Fromal, and Smyth families. It truly is a joy for all of us to see the families and kids come enjoy watching dad/hubby play. As well, thanks to Chris Guadalupe, Quentin Yates, and Sheldon Yates as new and enjoyable members of the Old and Slow League. We look forward to many missed lay-ups and unfinished trips back on defense over the next several years with you becoming Old and Slow regulars.


And especially thanks to Captain Rob Dowd for being the glue to this team, and ever-positive influence, and terrific flag-bearer for what truly is the spirit of Old and Slow.


And so the Playoff schedule continues as follows:



Sunday 4/26 at 8:30a: #2 Bentivegna Pink v #3 Durnell Black


Sunday 4/26 at 9:30a: #1 Wilson Green v #4 Adderley White




Sunday 5/3 at 8:30a: Championship Game




Standings - Final Regular Season Plus Playoffs


E - Wilson Green 7 - 1


B - Bentivegna Pink 6 - 2


D - Durnell Black 4 - 4


A - Adderley White 3 - 6


C - Dowd Red 1 - 8


Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 11: Great Regular Season Finales - Playoff Pitch is here!


Week 11 concluded the regular season with a repeat of the previous games and a repeat of the high quality of play and competitiveness.


Game 1 was a rematch of unbeaten Wilson Green versus Bentivegna Pink. Again, both offenses proved to be difficult to stop, especially because we only had 4 players for each side and so the court was wide open. Points were plentiful as shots were flying, but the difference this week was Pau Geli. The big man for Pink was virtually unstoppable inside as he dominated early for field goals and foul shots. If Green doubled Pau, that left open shots for William "Big Tyme" Cook, Wayne "The Glove" Osbourne, and Captain Peter Bentivegna. And shoot they did, as "Big Tyme" Cook hit 4 threes and Wayne dropped in his personal best of 11 points in the first half. But Green can score too, and Paul Papanek was filling the rim on his familiar hard drives to the rack, while Captain Luke Wilson, Victor Ford, and Louis Deshields all hit threes and twos as well. At the half, Pink led 49-40. Green came out energized and hot in the second half, and cut the lead to 1 point, but Pink kept firing back as "Big Tyme" hit some clutch-timed threes, Captain Pete began scoring, and Geli kept scoring from in close. Green tried to keep pace, as Captain Luke dropped 17 in the closing stanza, but time ran out on Green and Pink posted an 88-77 victory. "Big Tyme" Cook and Captain Pete each had 26, Geli 24, and Osbourne 11 for Pink. Green was led by Victor Ford with 27, Captain Luke with 25, Papanek with 17, and Deshields with 8.


The second game was another tight thriller between Adderley White and Durnell Black. Both teams played terrific defense, as Black made it difficult for Whites bigs of Shane Sowden, Fran Grandieri, and Chris Billups to score. Fortunately, teammate Thomas Durnell got some jumpers and fastbreak buckets to fall, Chris "Microwave" Johnson had a key three-point play, and Captain Shawn Adderley dropped a long 3. But Black had very nice balanced play as Jason Williams was a terrific faciltator as well as scorer and helped teammates get involved. Captain Shane "Shady" Durnell may have had his finest Old and Slow game as he hit several nice drives against the Bigs on White, and also dropped  some long jumpers. Omar Thameen was active and feisty on defense, and Ken Cross aided Williams in neutralizing the White bigs in the paint. And Old and Slow's best inch-for-inch rebounder Mike Skerritt continued his magic as he pulled in 3 key offensive rebounds in the first half alone. Black was able to build a 25-20 lead at the half. And the second half was just as tightly contested. Jason Williams sored with a little more urgency from inside and out, Omar Thameen got hot and scored several buckets, and Captain "Shady" really punished White with his jumpshot and drives. White got key 3-pointers from the "Microwave" and Grandieri, and Shane Sowden was more active at teh rim but scoring was difficult. To compound the pain, White shot 2-for-8 from the foul line in the 2nd half and 4-for 13 for the game, and Black's balanced play and scoring was too much as they went on to a 57-44 victory over White. Williams was the games high scorer with 21, Captain "Shady" added 15, and Thameen dropped in 11. For White, Thomas Durnell had 12, and Grandieri added 11.


And so the Playoff schedule is set:


Sunday 4/19 at 8:30a: #4 Adderley White v #5 Dowd Red


Sunday 4/26 at 8:30a: #2 Bentivegna Pink v #3 Durnell Black

Sunday 4/26 at 9:30a: #1 Wilson Green v Winner Red/White game


Sunday 5/3 at 8:30a: Championship Game


Standings - Final Regular Season

E - Wilson Green 7 - 1

B - Bentivegna Pink 6 - 2

D - Durnell Black 4 - 4

A - Adderley White 2 - 6

C - Dowd Red 1 - 7

Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 10: Deja Vu All Over Again ... Two Terrific Games for the Price of None


And the games keep getting better and better as we head toward the playoffs.


Game 1 was the first meeting of the top 2 teams as the Bentivegna Pink took on first place and undefeated Wilson Green. Both teams were slightly shorthanded, but that didn't prevent this from being a terrific game. Both teams were scoring rapidly and neither team seemed able to slow the other with any sort of defense. Green had all 5 players score in the first half and scored outside, inside, in transition, in the halfcourt, and from the line. Matt Fazini led the way as usual, but got nice contributions on the perimeter from Captain Luke Wilson, Louis Deshields, and Victor Ford, and on the break from Paul Papanek. But Pink kept pace as guards William Cook and Captain Peter hit several threes and twos, Mike Perilli and sub Shane Durnell also scored well. At the half, it was 50-48. In the second half, both teams continued to score, but Green was able to use some hustle baskets to create a small lead. Despite continuing to play hard and Andy Kirkpatrick hitting key baskets, Pink was not able to close that gap to less than 3 points. In the end, Green was victorious by a 93-86 final tally. Green was led in scoring by Matt Fazini, but had good balanced scoring all around as all 5 players scored in double figures.


The second game was just as exciting, but completely opposite on the scoreboard as the Durnell Black and Adderley White went hard and tight at each other. However, both teams really got after each other on defense and made scoring very difficult. For White, Fran Grandieri was able to score a few twos and threes, and teammates Captain Shawn Adderley and Chris "Microwave" Johnson added baskets while Grandieri, Shane Sowden, and Chris Billups controlled the paint and rebounded well off the glass. Black didn't back down, and got some hard-earned points from Jason Williams, Jeff Linden, and Omar Thameen. As well, Black had some sweet set-ups from Mario Brown and Walt Smith, while Shane Durnell, Ken Cross, and Mike Skerritt clamped down on defense like vice grips. At the half, White led 23-19, but could have been ahead more if not for several missed lay-ups and 5-for-12 foul shooting. The second half was even more intense and competitive as both teams battled back and forth trying to separate from the other. The cream rose to the top as Jason Williams began to assert his skills and score all over for Black, with key baskets from Captain Shane, Mike Skerritt, and Ken Cross. White kept a small edge and got balanced scores with baskets from all players, and headed into the final minute with a slim lead, despite 4-8 foul shotting in the 2nd half. However, Ken Cross scored a key basket to tie the score late for black. White came down and ran a play to score, but couldn't drop the ball in the hoop and Black got the ball and called time-out with 4.6 seconds remaining. Black designed a play for the inbounds, but White's tight defense disrupted the diagrammed play and Black improvised by getting it in to Jeff Linden (kudos to Walt Smith for putting Jeff into the final play). Jeff took the pass near midcourt, wheeled and dribbled tightly along the sideline, angled hard toward the rim, and as Shane Sowden came to block the shot, Jeff managed to get to the other side of the rim in time and release a reverse lay-up that dropped in at the buzzer to give the Black a fantastic 47-45 victory.


These 4 teams will all meet again this week in the make-up and final regular season games of the season. The 1st, 2nd, and 5th seeds are set and owned by Green, Pink, and Red respectively. This final week will determine the 3rd and 4th place finishers, and thus the playoff scenarios. In case of a tie in records (and head-to-head play) between White and Black (if White wins) then the 2nd tie-breaker is the total points scored by each team during their head-to-head games. If there is still a tie, then there will be a coin flip to determine seeding.


Adding to this scenario is that White did not have a table worker at the last games, so White will have a 5-point penalty this week versus Black.


Good luck to all teams as we roll on into playoffs!



E - Wilson Green 7 - 0

B - Bentivegna Pink 5 - 2

D - Durnell Black 3 - 4

A - Adderley White 2 - 5

C - Dowd Red 1 - 7


Date and Time 4/12/15
5 Teams Game Table
8:00 AM B v E A & D
9:00 AM A v D B & E
10:00 AM C v Bye

Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 9: Two Terrific Games for the Price of None


Two very good games this week, tight and nailbiting all morning long.


Game 1 was the Bentivegna Pink versus the Durnell Black, and Pink got on top early and kept their lead throughout, but it wasn't easy. Thanks to some very tight defense, Pink was able to go up 25-13 with 3 minutes remaining in the first half on the strength of 11 points from center Pau Geli and some 3 pointers from William Cook, and hustle baskets from Walter Parker before leaving with an injury. But Black called a time-out, regrouped, and finished the half strong as Jason Williams scored some baskets, along with timely scores from teammates Omar Thameen and Mike Skerritt to close the gap to 30-23 at the half. And the second half was well played and close all throughout as Pink maintained their lead on the basis of some strong defense from Mike Perelli guarding Black's hot scorers Williams and Jeff Linden. Wayne "the Glove" Osbourne also helped contain Williams and Linden to prevent them from completely going off, while Pink teammates Andy Kirkpatrick, Captain Pete, and Geli continued to apply some offensive pressure. Black hung tough though, and thanks to some flurried scoring from Thameen and Linden, savvy smooth point play from Captain Shane Durnell, and some terrific post-play from Walt Smith and Ken Cross, Black stayed within 3 points late into the game. However, it seemed whenever Black got that close, William Cook stepped up Big Tyme and nailed some loooonnnngggg threes to suppress any chance of Black taking a lead. In the end, though both teams played well and close, there was too much Geli and Cook and Pink went on to a 58-48 victory. Cook nailed 6 threes for the morning and finished with 22 points, and Geli added 17. For Black, Williams led the team again with 21, Linden had 9, and Thameen had 8.


In the second game, the Dowd Red came out active and strong against the Wilson Green. Red looked very good on offense as their shooters came into the gym Red hot. Steve Fromal, as usual, got some long ones to go down, fellow sharpshooting guard Brian Smyth also nailed from beyond the arc, and their teammates added nice balance baskets as Chris Guadalupe, Mailon Williams, Rob Dowd, and Joe McBride all scored as well. But Green was incisive and relentless. All Everything center Matt Fazzini continued to play well as he has all season from inside and out by nailing 4 threes in the opening stanza, Captain Luke Wilson got it going early with 3 field goals, and then Paul "Brian Winters" Papanek snuck out on the fast break for 4 transition baskets late in the half. Teammates Julani Ghana and Victor Ford also kept the scoring balanced, but the transition baskets and 3 FTs on a technical foul created a 7 point lead for Green at the half at 39-32. In the second half, Red mounted a furious comeback and played and shot very well as Mailon got off for 19 in the second half, McBride hit several key buckets as he and all 4 teammates - Dowd, Fromal, Smyth, and Guadalupe - all hit at least one trey in the final 10 minutes to take an 1 point lead as Smyth sank 2 free throws. However, another technical foul gave Green another 3 points on foul shots, and they also scored on the ensuing possesion for a 5 point swing. Red stormed back again to take another lead by one late in the game with 1 minute to play. However, Green pressured Red into missing a three, and this time Wilson snuck out downcourt for a quick three rom the corner to take a 2 point lead with less than a minte remaining. Red came down and missed a contested layup and tip-in, and Green managed to make all their fouls shots in this game to come away with an 85-83 victory in an exciting well-played game. The 6 free throws and added score for the 8-point swing on the technical fouls really hurt Red teammates in a 2 point loss. Fazzini was top scorer for the day with 33 points, Captain Luke added 21, Papanek added 16 (see pictures below of him scoring) and Ford added 11. For a valiant Red tream, Mailon Williams had 23, Smyth had 16, Fromal had 13, and Guadalupe had 13.


These really were two well played games, and easily could have been Black and Red as victors today. Props to those teams for playing so hard today and assuring us that playoffs will be fantastic.


Next Sunday is as regularly scheduled, then we are off one week for Easter, then we play the February 22nd date of make-up games on Sunday April 12th.


Get ready for playoff intensity baby!

Image result for brian winters milwaukee buck imagesImage result for brian winters milwaukee buck imagesImage result for willie nelson imagesImage result for brian winters milwaukee buck images  Old and Slow's very own Paul Papanek....



E - Wilson Green 6 - 0

B - Bentivegna Pink 5 - 1

D - Durnell Black 2 - 4

A - Adderley White 2 - 4

C - Dowd Red 1 - 7


Date and Time 3/29/15 4/12/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM B v E A & D B v E A & D
9:00 AM A v D B & E A v D B & E
10:00 AM C v Bye   C v Bye

Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 8: 2 Close Games and a First Victory as March Madness Begins


I can't provide all the details, but there were 2 good games this past week.


Game 1 was a tight match-up between the Adderley White and the Dowd Red. Both teams played some tight defense and points were scarce in the first half. White took a halftime lead as Fran Grandieri had 8 points, Captain Shawn had 7, and teammates Chris Billups and Thomas Durnell both contributed buckets as well. But Red played hard and stayed close as center Chris Guadalupe was all over the court in scoring ones, twos, and threes for a total of 13 fist half tallies. Teammates Joe McBride and Steve Fromal added some scoring umph, Quentin Yates played hard defense and on the glass. At the half, White led Red by 4. But in the second half, sleeping giant Steve Fromal came alive...way alive...in nailing 6 downtowners as well as free throws and deuces. White couldn't slow him down, and if they did, Guadalupe got to the line for freebies, while Sheldon Yates hustled hard for a bucket and some rebounds, and Red pulled ahead. Big men Chris Arizin and Grandieri continued to play well for White, but the clock shrunk too quickly on them as Red snatched it's first win of the year beating White 59-54. Fromal led Red with 29 (25 in the second half) and teammate Guadalupe played marvelously for 22. For White, Grandieri led the way with 25, and Captain Shawn added 12.


In the second game, the Durnell Black took on first-place Wilson Green. The teams played hard and even in the opening stanza.  As usual, Jason Williams led Black in scoring, but had very nice hustle and support from all teammates Mike Skerritt, Jeff Linden, Shane Durnell, Mario Brown, and Omar Thameen as all players scored in the first 20 minutes. But Green was not fazed and each of their players also scored as Matt Fazini led a balanced attack which included Paul papanek, Julani Ghana, Luke Wilson, and Victor Ford. At half, the score was knotted at 32 each. The second half was loaded with action and terrific plays, as Black again got a nice balanced contribution from all players. Williams continued to be hard to stop, Skerritt continued to find ways to score baskets, and Thameen, Linden, and Durnell all hit long treys. But Green hit shots too, including a slew of free throws for Fazzini, and Ford from beyond the arc, and Green made enough plays in the end to slip away with a 67-62 victory. Green was led by Ford with 21 from all over, Fazzini with 19 (13 from the line), and Captain Luke added 14. Jason Williams led Black with 21, Thameen added 11, and Skerritt added 10.


Three more weeks until playoffs, with some big games still remaining. Get your players there, and keep playing hard!



E - Wilson Green 5 - 0

B - Bentivegna Pink 4 - 1

D - Durnell Black 2 - 3

A - Adderley White 2 - 4

C - Dowd Red 1 - 6


Date and Time 3/22/15 3/29/15 4/12/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM B v D C & E B v E A & D B v E A & D
9:00 AM C v E B & D A v D B & E A v D B & E
10:00 AM A v Bye   C v Bye   C v Bye

Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 7: Two games of '"What If...?"


Week 7 was 2 games of "What if...?"

  • What if all players had shown up?
  • What if there was no Daylight Savings clock change?

Game 1 was the Adderley White versus the Wilson Green, and after some sleepy-eyed adjustment to Daylight Savings, the game was off to a good start for the rest of the half. Matt Fazzini was his usual score-from-all-over self as he dropped in threes and twos, Captain Luke Wilson also inside and out, and Paul "Brian Winters/Willie Nelson" Papanek made a few of his usual twisting runners. Louis Deshields also got into the long-ball match since his lay-up game was rusty today. But White got some hot shooting of its own from Supersub Shane Durnell with 3 downtowners, Shawn Adderley hitting-not-wearing pull-ups, and the return to offensive form for Shane Sowden who also hit inside and out. At the half, Green led 39-35 in a doozy. But the second half was very different as Green caught fire and began to get breakout points. Jules Ghana got hot, Fazzini continued as Mr. All Everywhere, and Wilson kept getting to the rim for drives and short jumpers. Conshy Pride Victor Ford also pulled a Willis Reed and shrugged off a nagging calf injury to drop in all of his points in the second half. White kept their reputation for playing hard as Thomas Durnell was active on defense and dropped in several nice baskets, Chris "Microwave" Johnson hit a deuce and trey, and Chris Billups added interior muscle and buckets. But the Green fastbreak was too much and they went on to defeat White by 88-67. Fazzini was the game's top belt notcher as he scored 34, Captain Luke added 22, Jules chipped in 12, and Victor Ford added 11. For White, big man Shane Sowden scored 20 and Thomas Durnell added 16.



Game 2 was a terrifc back-and-forth affair with some hot shooting and a finish that wasn't decided until late in the game as the Bentivegna Pink matched skills with the Dowd Red. The Red are looking for their first win and came out very hungry and jumped up on Pink by the hot-shooting of Brian Smyth and unstoppable scoring of Mailon Williams. Those two sizzling hot players accounted for 34 of Red's 40 first half points. Pink, despite falling behind by 7 early on, got a lift by switching to man-to-man defense and from Andy "Shooting Buddy" Kirkpatrick. While Pau Geli feasted on interior baskets over the shorter Red defenders, Kirkpatrick stepped up and nailed several 3 pointers to enable Pink to climb to a 41-40 halftime lead. The second half stayed close, although Pink got an early jump in the half thanks to key baskets from William "Downtown" Cook, Geli, and Kirkpatrick, and some good defensive pressure from Walter Parker and Captain Peter Bentivegna to slow down the scoring bonanza by Smyth and Williams just a bit. But Red did not wilt, as teammates Joe McBride and Rob Dowd contributed key baskets and rebounds, and Quentin Yates was very active in the lane all throughout the second half to set up teammates. But the clock shrunk too quickly for Red as Pink made enough plays to pull ahead, stay ahead, and win by 80 - 69. For Pink, Geli led the way with 26, Kirkpatrick bombed in 18, Cook drove to the rim for 14, and Bentivegna chipped in 10. Red had a terrific effort as Mailon Williams was in offensive Beast Mode today in scoring 34, and Smyth scorched the nets for 23 from a distance.


What if White and Red had all their players today...would scores have been different...? We won't know until next week. See you then!




E - Wilson Green 4 - 0

B - Bentivegna Pink 4 - 1

D - Durnell Black 2 - 2

A - Adderley White 2 - 3

C - Dowd Red 0 - 6


Date and Time 3/15/15 3/22/15 3/29/15 4/12/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D B v E A & D
9:00 AM D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E A v D B & E
10:00 AM B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye   C v Bye  

Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 5: Cold Outside...Games Postponed due to Ice

Week 6: Hot Inside....


Week 6 featured some cold temperatures outside, but hot play inside...inside the gym and inside the paint.


Game 1 was a showdown of shooters and runners as the Dowd Red took on the Durnell Black. As usual, Black got it going early led by jason Williams from outside and inside, but he had a lot of good support from teammates as well. Black got first half baskets from Captain Shane Durnell, Omar Thameen, and Jeff Linden who returned from injury. Ken Cross had a big presence inside as he dropped in 10 in the first half, and Mike Skerrit also shot well contributing 9 in the opening stanze. Red had some heat too, as Steve Fromal bombed away from outside, and teammates Joe McBride, Chris Guadalupe, (substitute) Wayne Osbourne, and Quentin Yats all added baskets. However, the balance and hustle of Black was overwhelming in the second half as they showed good team play with baskets from Walt Smith and Ken Cross in the paint, Durnell, Linden, and Williams from the outside, and Mario Brown and Skerritt making action plays across the court. Red kept attacking as Fromal continued his aerial assault from downtown, and Mailon Williams and Guadalupe muscled in some points. In the end, Black had too many playmakers making plays and went on to a 70-47 victory. jason Williams led Black with 19 points, Cross added 14, and Skerritt added 13. For Red, Fromal had 22, Mailon Williams had 10, and Guadalupe added 9.


The second game was also a good match-up as the Adderley White took on the Bentivegna Pink. While both teams started well, it was a match of styles as White used its size and interior strength versus outside shooting of Pink. Again led by supershooter William Cook who rained in 5 threes in the first half, Pink also got 3 treys from Shooting Buddy Andy Kirkpatrick, and baskets from each player on the team in Mike Perelli, Wayne Osbourne, Walter Parker, and Pau Geli. But White came to play too, and Captain Shawn Adderley had some funky corn flakes that morning as he shot the lights out early on, dropping in 2 threes and a pair of deuces from distance. Also, teammate Fran Grandieri showed terrific skills as he scored inside and out. Add in some strong post play from Shane Sowden and Chris Billups, as well as baskets by Chris "Microwave" Johnson and Thomas Durnell, and this game was riveting throughout the first half as Pink went out to a 40-38 lead. But it ain't over until it's over, and White came out at the start of the second half and began pouring in the points as Adderley stayed hot, Durnell heated up, and Grandieri and Sowden began getting interior points. Pink missed some shots and fell behind by 10 points, despite baskets from all players. In a rescue attempt, Captain Pete came in directly off a plane and dropped in some baskets. With 18 seconds remaining, Pink clawed back to 70-68, but Captain Pete missed the front end of a 1-and-1, White rebounded and made their foul shots, and White went on to win 73-70. Grandieri led all scorers with 29 points for White, teammate Captain Shawn Adderley had the scoring game of his O&S cvareer with 20 points, and Thomas Durnell added 12 points. For Pink, William Cook had 24 points, and the rest of the team was well-balanced as each player scored between 6-9 points.


We'll see you all this Sunday as scheduled for Week 7...do not forget to set clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday night!



B - Bentivegna Pink 3 - 1

E - Wilson Green 3 - 0

D - Durnell Black 2 - 2

A - Adderley White 2 - 2

C - Dowd Red 0 - 5


Date and Time 3/8/15 3/15/15 3/22/15 3/29/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM A v E B & C A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D
9:00 AM B v C A & E D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E
10:00 AM D v Bye   B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye  

Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 4: A Tale of Two Halves...Twice


Week 4 displayed 2 good games, both of which saw come-from-behind wins in the 2nd halves.


The opening game pitted the Bentivegna Pink versus the Durnell Black, with both teams missing top players Tamir Harbin and Jason Williams and Jeff Linden. However, Pink welcomed 2 new players in Walter "Genes of a Teenager" Parker and the return-from-injury Pau Geli, who was recently measured with William Cook's ruler and now stands at 7 feet tall, and on Captain Pete's scale only weighs 138 pounds. Pau wasted no time in making his presence known as he won the opening tip and scored 9 points in the first 10 minutes. Those points were critical because the Black defense made Pink struggle to hit shots even though Mike Perilli, William Cook, Captain Pete, and Parker all managed to score baskets. Black played very solid patient defense, and made the most of their opportunities on offense as Walt Smith continued to establish himself as a premiere passer in hitting several cutters with nice dimes for lay-ups. Add in 3-pointers from hot shooters Captain Shane "Shady" Durnell, Mario Brown, and Omar Thameen, as well as nice nice post baskets from Ken Cross and Smith, and Black jumped out to a 28 - 20 lead. Mike Krzyzewski, Herb Magee, and Greg Popovich all recently hit the 1,000 win milestone as coaches, and William Cook only has 999 to go to join the club because he called time-out late in the first half and suggested, cajoled, demanded Pink switch to a zone defense. That switch enabled Pink to go on a 7-0 run to close the half down 28-27 to Black. In the second half, Pink stayed in the zone and it continued to squeeze Black into numerous turnovers as they were only able to muster 1 three-pointer from Durnell in the first 11 minutes of the half. In that span, Pink began converting those turnovers into transition points, as all teammates got into the action. Perilli and Wayne "The Glove" Osbourne had several consecutive steals that led to lay-ups, Cook started to hit from way downtown, Geli ran the floor, and Andy Kirkpatrick dropped shots as well. But the Durnell Black are tough and talented and stayed close enough, as Thameen hit some jumpers, Mike Skerrit scored and had sticky hands on defense, point guard Durnell hit shots, and there were a few put-backs from Smith and Cross. But the dry spell was costly as time ran out on Black and Pink won 59-48. Geli led Pink with 20 points and some sweet no-look passes as well, Cook rainbowed 13, and Parker contributed 10 in a balanced team win. For Black, Captain "Shady" Durnell and backcourt mate Omar Thameen each had 14 points.


Game 2 was a higher scoring affair than Game 1, and showed some very good basketball from both the Dowd Red and Wilson Green. Red really came out strong and balanced with their inside-out play as Steve Fromal bombed away from another zip code, big man Chris Guadalupe played his trademark in-your-grill D but also dropped twos and threes, and Mailon Williams powered in several baskets on post-ups and muscle drives. Captain Rob Dowd ran the point and nailed some field goals to keep Green busy too. But Green never panicked, as they displayed their own inside-out balance. Matt Fazzini scored inside and out, Captain Luke Wilson got 16 first-half points all on cuts, drives, and foul shots (6-6), and Paul Papanek and Julani Ghana also hit some points away from the rim. Green also welcomed new players Louis Deshields and William Tinsley, with Deshields displaying a nice touch from outside even though none dropped for him today, and Tinsley set up 2 baskets for teammates with nice hustle plays. But at the half, Red enjoyed a 37-28 lead as a result of their all around play. Green got its motor running in the second half though, as Ghana took over early and scored 8 points in the first two and a half minutes, and Fazzini, Wilson, and Papanek all joined the fray with hustle baskets of their own. During the flury of back and forth action, Fromal continued to hit loooonnngg bombs, Quentin "Q" Yates joined the downtown club even banking in one of his, Sheldon Yates kept Green unbalanced with perimeter shots, and Williams continued some power scores inside. And while the threes continued to be a big part of Red's attack nailing 6 in the second half, it was hustle baskets and transition points from Green that were overwhelming as they combined for 25 points in the final 8 minutes to seal a 75-63 comeback victory. Captain Luke led Green with 28 points, Fazzini netted 24, and Ghana added 15. For Red, Mailon Williams powered up 18 points, do-it-all Chris Guadalupe added 17, and Fromal rained 15 (all from beyond the arc).



Many thanks to those who worked the table, braved the cold, and made this another terrific Old and Slow day. We look forward to seeing you next Sunday as teams continue to jockey themselves in the standings.






B - Bentivegna Pink 3 - 0

E - Wilson Green 3 - 0

D - Durnell Black 1 - 2

A - Adderley White 1 - 2

C - Dowd Red 0 - 4


Date and Time 2/22/15 3/1/15 3/8/15 3/15/15 3/22/15 3/29/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM B v E A & D C v D A & B A v E B & C A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D
9:00 AM A v D B & E A v B C & D B v C A & E D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E
10:00 AM C v Bye   E v Bye   D v Bye   B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye  

Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 3: Turning up the heat in February

Week 3 featured two very good and intense games...smells like playoffs already....


Game 1 was a match-up of two teams in search of their first win as the Adderley White took on the Dowd Red, and both teams with some added firepower. As they do, White won the opening tip and came out playing hard and fast. Captain Shawn Adderley  knocked in a three and some field goals, Chris Billups was (again...) a monster on the boards and showed good touch from the charity stripe, and Young Gun Thomas Durnell put in some hustle points. Meanwhile, big man Shane Sowden had a new big partner in Fran Grandieri, and the two XXLs combined for 16 first half points mixed with excellent passing, defense, and overall team play. But the Dowd Red was not daunted as newcomer and sharp-shooter Steve Frattori was on fire early and often in sticking 19 first half points of the 3, 2, and 1 point variety. Another newcomer, Sheldon Yates, also nailed a three, and Quentin "Q" Yates and Mailon Williams also chipped in hustle buckets and some tough muscle play. However, very understated yet critical for Red was the play of new big man Chris "Minister of Defense" Guadalupe, who played outstanding in-your-grill-D on both of White's big men as well as jumping out shooters before getting back to crash the boards. With both teams playing hard and good team basketball, White went into halftime with a 35-26 lead on the strength of their inside-outside balance. The second half was just as hotly contested, and though Frattori cooled off a bit for Red, Williams stepped to the fore and scored several tough buckets. He was helped by teammate Joe McBride who again flew all over the glass and also had several nice assists, and Captain Rob Dowd ran the whole show from the point in getting his teammates set-up for good shots. And Guadalupe isn't just a defensive whiz, as he also drained 3 long-range bombs in the second half. But White stuck to their balance formula, as all 5 players scored at least 4 points in the second stanza, including 11 of 16 foul shots to sew up the game in late stages. Durnell was clutch as he went 6-6 in the final 2 minutes from the foul line, Grandieri was 2-2, White kept their defense stiff, and they went on to get their first win by dropping Red 67-55. As a metric of terrific balance, all 5 players for White were in double figures led by Durnell with 15, Sowden with 14, Adderley and Grandieri with 13 each, and Billups chipped in 12. For Red, sniper Frattori finished with a game-high 21, Williams had 15, and Guadalupe contributed 12.


The second game was extremely intense, as both the Durnell Black and Wilson Green displayed talent and toughness. Green got out to an early lead on the strength of good team play by all 5 players, as well as big man Matt Fazzini hitting from all over the court and at the line. He was aided by teammates Victor Ford, Luke Wilson, Julani Ghana, and Paul "Willie Nelson" Papanek hitting shots from different spots. The Green offensive balance kept Black off-balance and made it hard to slow Green down. But Black has some good players as well, and they A-L-W-A-Y-S play hard, led by Jason Williams scoring multiple times regardless of who defended, and shooter Jeff Linden dropping in some jumpers. Captain Shane Durnell nailed a three, Omar Thameen made a steal and lay-up, and Walt Smith patrolled the lane and vacuumed in rebounds. Still, Green was very efficient on offense and obstructive in their zone defense, and so they had a 44-29 lead over Black at halftime. The second half was just as intense, and Black came out playing even harder. Walt Smith came alive with several baskets, Mike Skerritt crashed the boards, Thameen had more defensive disruptions leading to points, Mario Brown hustled on D and scored as well, and all these team efforts combined with Williams scoring enabled Black to outscore the Green in the second half. But Green continued to be efficient enough and get unpredictable points from Fazzini, some long threes from Coatesville's Pride Victor Ford, and ready-steadies Jules and papanek heated up and knocked down some baskets as well. All coordinated by Captain Luke Wilson, the Green was able to come out of this hard-fought game with a 76-59 win.










We look forward to seeing you all again Sunday!



B - Bentivegna Pink 2 - 0

E - Wilson Green 2 - 0

D - Durnell Black 1 - 1

A - Adderley White 1 - 2

C - Dowd Red 0 - 3


Date and Time 2/15/15 2/22/15 3/1/15 3/8/15 3/15/15 3/22/15 3/29/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM B v D C & E B v E A & D C v D A & B A v E B & C A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D
9:00 AM C v E B & D A v D B & E A v B C & D B v C A & E D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E
10:00 AM A v Bye   C v Bye   E v Bye   D v Bye   B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye  



Old And Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 2: Wowch....


Because I didn't witness the games in person, this week I can only report the scores and scorers, and it looks like some pain was delivered.


In game 1, the Adderley White played the Wilson Green in Green's first game of the season, and they made a statement that they are ready to be a contender. Led by newcomers Matt Fazzini and Victor Ford, the Green jumped out to a 42-17 halftime lead. Fazzini hit 2 each of threes, field goals, and foul shots for 12 points in the opening stanza, while Ford dropped in 11 of his own. Captain Luke Wilson added 10, as well as various baskets by teammates Matt Zang, Julani Ghana, and Paul Papanek. For White, the inside-outside combination of Captain Shawn Adderley and Shane Sowden paired up for 9 points in the half, while partners Chris Billups and Thomas Durnell also added baskets. The second half was similar as Fazzini was hard to stop for Green, Ghana and Papanek warmed up from the field, and Wilson remained a steady force. For White, Sowden played strong with several baskets, Brendan Zang got into the action with several hustle buckets, and Chirs "Microwave" Johnson nailed from downtown. However, their good efforts could not overcome the hot scoring and Green went on to post an 82-45 victory. Fazzini led all scorers with 25, Wilson added 17, and Ford added 16. For White, Sowden was the only one in double figures with 15.


Game 2 had a similar scenario as the Dowd Red came out hard and strong against the Bentivegna Pink, but Pink's scorers were hot right from the opening tip. All of Pink's players scored in the opening half as long range bomber William Cook nailed 5 threes, teammate Tamir Harbin tossed in 12, Wayne "The Glove" Osbourne threw in 9 including a three, Mike Perilli added 8, Andy "Do-it-all-and-look-good-while-doing-it" Kirkpatrick dropped in 7, and pick-up and Pink-wannabe Shane "Shady" Durnell added 4 as Pink pumped in 57 in the first 20 minutes. Red played well themselves, though could not quite keep pace as power player Mailon Williams also nailed some threes to score 14 in the opening half, Captain Rob Dowd and Quenti "Q" Yates each dropped in some bombs, and sniper Brian Smyth warmed up from outside too. However, Red was down 57-34 at the intermission. The scoring bonanza slowed in the second half, but both teams still went after each other. Williams continued to score for Red, as did Smyth, and teammate Joe McBride got hot and scored several baskets in the second half. But it was still too much scoring from Pink as Cook nailed another 5 threes for an Old and Slow record of 10 three-pointers in a game, Harbin scored inside and out, "the Glove" continued to hustle hard for baskets, and Kirkpatrick and Perilli stayed solid as Pink rolled to a 94-63 victory. Cook was the top scorer for the day with 32 points, Harbin knocked down 20, and both "The Glove" and Perilli had their best Old and Slow games to date as they scored 17 and 12 respectively. For Red, Mailon Williams led the team with 28 and Smyth pumped in 15.


My thanks to all, especially Captains Shane Durnell (who came in to help on his Bye week), Luke Wilson, and Rob Dowd, as well as teammates Andy Kirkpatrick, Julani Ghana, and others, who ran the league in my absence today.


If you have not paid already, please bring payment (cash or checks made to Peter Bentivegna) next week. As well, players will be added to teams in the next 1-2 weeks to help with league parity and injuries/absences.



B - Bentivegna Pink 2 - 0

D - Durnell Black 1 - 0

E - Wilson Green 1 - 0

A - Adderley White 0 - 2

C - Dowd Red 0 - 2


Date and Time 2/8/15 2/15/15 2/22/15 3/1/15 3/8/15 3/15/15 3/22/15 3/29/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D C v D A & B A v E B & C A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D
9:00 AM D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E A v B C & D B v C A & E D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E
10:00 AM B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye   E v Bye   D v Bye   B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye  



Old & Slow Spring 2015 - No Touching Of The Hair And Face

Week 1: Off and Running!


Old and Slow 2015 began this Sunday with 2 teams off and 2 teams running....


The first game matched the Dowd Red versus the Durnell Black, and clearly Captain Rob Dowd had a can of spinach for breakfast. Rocketing out of the opening tip, Rob nailed 4 three-pointers and 3 field goals to drop in a scorching 18 points in the first 10 minutes of the game. Teammates Mailon Williams and newbie Quentin Yates added a few baskets and Steve Fromal nailed a long 3 to also inflate the score for Red. However, the Durnell Black also came out in full force. Throughout the first half, Black used balanced play and scoring as it see-sawed back and forth with Red. Jason Williams was active all over for several field goals, and Captain Shane "Shady" Durnell nailed 2 threes as well. Mike Skerritt picked up right where he left us in December as he had two put-back baskets. And O&S newcomers big man Walt Smith and shooting guard Jeff Linden also had nice impact as Walt grabbed several boards, blocked shots, and dropped several dimes to cutters for assists. Jeff got into a flow late in the half and ended up nailing a pair of threes. Meanwhile, Ken Cross complemented Smith as the two controlled the paint and rebounding. At the half, the Durnell Black led 37-34 over the Dowd Red. In the second half the balance and substitutes for Black started to have a larger effect. Cross dropped in 8 points despite struggling from a 10-inch range, Mario Brown scampered to track down rebounds and loose balls, Omar Thameen played his usual vice-grip-of-death defense, and this added up to Black getting out to fast break baskets. As well, the increased defensive intensity began to wear on Red as they struggled to make baskets. Joe McBride made several nice strong drives to the basket and also snatched a few sweet rebounds in traffic, but having only 5 players meant Red started to lose their wind and legs. Mailon played powerfully in the lane and dropped in a couple impressive baskets, and newcomer Quentin "Q" Yates stayed active on defense and on the boards too. But Black kept coming in waves and scored inside and out. In the end, the Black got ahead too much and Red just couldn't score to keep pace as Black went on to win 72-54. Again, Black had nice balance as Jason Williams led the way with 18, Jeff Linden dropped in 16, Captain Shady dropped in 12, and Skerritt added 11. For Red, Captain Rob finished with the 18 he scored in the first quarter, Mailon Williams muscled in 16, and McBride contributed 10.          


The second game pitted the Adderley White versus the Bentivegna Pink, and both teams were excited to get up and down early. Shane Sowden won the tip and White jumped up 4-0 as Chris Billups and Brendan Zang got interior baskets early. But Pink responded quickly and resoundingly as new forward Mike Perilli scored 3 interior baskets of his own, and Wayne "The Glove" Osbourne and Captain Pete Bentivegna snuck backdoor layups. However, the unstoppable force for Pink was float-like-a-butterfly-and-sting-like-a-sledgehammer Tamir Harbin. Clearly feeling better after resting his injured foot over the holidays, Tamir got to the basket at will as Pink spread the floor and got out on the break. As well, Pink set high screens for Tamir and made it nearly impossible for White to guard the rim. And when White did block his path to the basket, he assisted to shooter William Cook and teammates. White continued to play hard as Chris Arizin established a strong post presence and scored 7 in the first half, new guard Thomas Durnell nailed some jumpers, and Captain Shawn Adderley skittered to a pair of baskets and drives down the lane. But White could net get sufficient numbers back on fast-break defense as Pink ran out to a 40-27 halftime lead. The second half followed a similar trajectory as Pink continued to run at every opportunity. Harbin stayed hot from outside the three line as well as getting to the rim. Also to be acknowledged was Tamir's defense on Shane Sowden in deterring the White team from getting the ball to Shane. At the same time, William Cook dropped in several of his rainbows, Captain Pete hit some jumpers and cuts, and Wayne and Mike added hustle baskets as well. Even Andy Kirkpatrick joined the fray late as a super-sub. White tried to keep pace as Zang hustled to 11 points in the half, Chris "Microwave" Johnson nailed a pair of threes, Sowden had a pair of buckets, Thomas Durnell added 4 points, and Billups scored again. But in the end, White got too far down to catch up as the clock ran out with Pink victorious by a 85-57 score. Harbin was top scorer for the day as he poured in 30, Bentivegna added 19, Cook 17, and Osbourne hustled to 10 points. For White, Brendan Zang dropped in 15, and Durnell and Arizin each added 9 points.


The Wilson Green was on Bye Week 1, but gets into the action in Week 2 at 8:00a versus Adderley White. Bentivegna Pink will then play the Dowd Red at 9:00a, while the Durnell Black is on Bye. Please remember that each team needs to supply a tableworker either before or after their scheduled game.



Bentivegna Pink 1 - 0

Durnell Black 1 - 0

Wilson Green 0 - 0

Adderley White 0 - 1

Dowd Red 0 - 1


Date and Time 2/1/15 2/8/15 2/15/15 2/22/15 3/1/15 3/8/15 3/15/15 3/22/15 3/29/15
5 Teams Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table Game Table
8:00 AM A v E B & C A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D C v D A & B A v E B & C A v C D & E B v D C & E B v E A & D
9:00 AM B v C A & E D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E A v B C & D B v C A & E D v E A & C C v E B & D A v D B & E
10:00 AM D v Bye   B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye   E v Bye   D v Bye   B v Bye   A v Bye   C v Bye  



Old And Slow Championship: Possibly The Best O & S Game Ever

You had to be here to believe it...maybe the best Old and Slow game ever, and certainly a game worthy of the title "Championship."  My congratulations and thanks to both the Christenson Blue and Wlotko Yellow for a fantastic game. It truly is a shame someone had to lose this one.


For those who did not attend, the excitement started even before the gym was opened because Blue knew it would be missing at least players (Pau Geli, Shane Sowden, Jim Christenson, Ron DeShields) because of injury and travel. Rob Dowd of the Green played in the fifth sport for Blue, and so we were able to have a competitive evenly matched game from the get-go.


Blue won the opening tip, and both teams seemed to have a little bit of nervous jitters as it took about 2 minutes for either team to score. Chris "Microwave" Johnson told the world he came to play today as he opened up the scoring for Blue by whapping a three from the right wing, followed by a power interior basket by solo big man Chris Wilkins, and some hustling baskets by Hank Grahn. But Yellow got uncorked too as Bill Ryan started hot with 2 quick baskets early, another long three from Steve Fromal (what else is new) and 2 nice inside buckets from Joe D'Antonio. The game was tied at 15 when Yellow clamped a little tighter on defense and got a small scoring spree from a series of baskets from Ryan and backcourt mates Luke Wilson and Bob Wlotko hitting shots in a 10-2 run that led Yellow to a 31-21 halftime lead.


But Blue had no sense of quit or panic in them. Led by the all-world defensive presence of Dave Ennis, Blue really pressured up in solid man-on-man defense and gave Yellow almost no room to breathe. Yellow managed a few inside and follow-up baskets by giant tandem D'Antonio and Ken Cross, but Blue kept close and chipped into the lead on some hot three point shooting by Grahn, and timely baskets from Wilkins and "Microwave" Johnson. As well, Dowd and Ennis contributed some free throws, and Blue judiciously used some time-outs to optimize use of energy and to strategize. With just over 3 minutes remaining, Yellow held a 7-point lead at 43-36. Yellow continued to play hard, but became slightly tentative on offense in looking for an ideal shot. Meanwhile, Ennis and Blue teammates increased their defensive vice grip, only yielding 12 points in the half, and forced a turnover which led to an Ennis basket and a 5-point deficit. Yellow missed a shot which led to a strong driving lay-up in traffic by "Microwave" Johnson and now a 3-point deficit. Yellow had the ball with about 2 minutes remaining and they were holding for a good shot, but Blue pressured them into a turnover by Ennis cutting the interior passing lane and flipping the steal to a teammate before falling out of bounds. Blue came down, but some super tight defense by Yellow prevented any good open shot for Blue. With no timeouts remaining, Blue had to continue to look for a shot, but the clock was winding down and Yellow prevented any good look at a two-pointer. With about 20 seconds to go, with some confidence but with little other choice because of tight Yellow defense, Chris Wilkins received a pass high on the point and had no passing options. Knowing the clock and score situation, Wilkins rose straight up and launched a highly unanticipated three-point laser. With good form and line, the ball went to the rim, swirled a bit, but dropped through the net to tie the game at 43 apiece! It was Wilkins' first three-pointer since they've made basketballs without the laces.


But there was still more exciting basketball to come, as Yellow brought the ball up, struggled a bit versus the tight Blue defense, and called time-out. With just over 6 seconds remaining, Yellow had a side-inbounds play set and began their execution. But quickly and unexpectedly, the whistle blew with a foul on hero-to-possibly-not Wilkins for pushing D'Antonio in the back during post play. D'Antonio stepped to the foul line for a one-and-one foul shot with 4.6 seconds remaining and the game tied at 43. Nice arc, good rotation, and good line, the shot went up but softly bounced slightly off the rim and to a waiting Wilkins for the rebound. He quickly outletted the ball to Ennis who weaved between 2 defenders as he raced up the court. As Ennis crossed the midline and was still about 32 feet from the basket, he was forced to launch up a thrusting half-shot-half-heave towards the basket. In the air, it had the distance, and as the horn sounded, the ball hit the backboard dead in the square and banked into the rim for the buzzer-beating game-winning three!


We had a beautiful crowd of about 50 spectators who all went nuts at the shot, final socrebard lights showed 46-43 Blue, and the players on the Blue team jumped up and down higher than they have since they were 7 year olds on a carnival moonbounce! The crowd was delirious, but not to be unmentioned was the visible disbelief and heartbreak of the Yellow players who had played a brilliant game but lost on a last second flyer. This truly was a game we hate that someone had to lose, but Yellow played hard, played great, and forced Blue to make an out-of-this-world-unbelievable-play to beat them. When the sting subsides, there will be no shame for Yellow...they played their hearts out and are to be congratulated for a terrific season and championship run.


2014 Old and Slow Champions (L to R) Top: Dave Ennis, Chris Wilkins. Bottom: Rob Dowd (sub), Hank Grahn, Jim Christenson, Chris Johnson  



   2014 Old and Slow Runners Up (L to R) Top: Bill Ryan, Bob Wlotko. Bottom: Luke Wilson, Ken Cross, Joe D'Antonio, Coach William Ryan, Steve Fromal





And thanks to all of your for another enjoyable season of Old and Slow. We had a wonderful crowd for the championship, but thanks to all of you who brought friends and family during the season. Many of you remarked throughout the year how much you enjoy Sunday morning Old and Slow, and that it is a very enjoyable part of the week. As a group of good and decent men, you make it easy for us to enjoy each others' company while still playing competitively and with a smile. And thanks to Ralph, Terry, Kevin, Rick, anf the referees who made our season possible. We look forward to doing it again i nthe Spring, so check your email in-boxes in January for sign-up information.


Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday and lots of fun during Saturday morning pick-up. Invite your friends as well...we can always make space for some good guys to join us.


For 2014, for one last time, I thank all of your sincerely and with


Warm regards,




Championship Game 12/14 - for the trophies!

Final: #3 Christenson Blue (C) 46 -#4 Wlotko Yellow (F) 43


Final Regular Season and Playoff Standings

Durnell Gray (E) 8-3
Dowd Green (D) 7-4
Christenson Blue (C) 8-5
Wlotko Yellow (F) 6-7
Bentivegna Purple (B) 4-7
Adderley Black (A) 2-9



XL Is The New XVII: And Then There Were Two

Good basketball played in this semifinal round despite missing some key players.


Semifinal #1 featured a depleted Christenson Blue Team taking on a depleted Dowd Green Team. Due to injury, Blue only had 4 players attend at the start, so they picked up former Purpler Peter Bentivegna as their fifth so that a forfeit could be avoided. The game started as you might expect, with the best players hot out of the gates. Shane Sowden tasered the nets early as he hit on a variety of post and spin moves, as well as some mid-range jumpers and even a three. New teammate Peter Bentivegna also shot well from the floor because of some excellent floor direction from Dave Ennis and teamwork with Hank Grahn and Chris Wilkins. Each Blue player was able to feed off each other, not by eating grapes from their belly-buttons, but by passing and cutting efficiently on the court. As a result, each player on Blue scored (in a basketball jersey, not a toga) in the first half, with Sowden leading the way with 15. But Green was super efficient with their possessions as Shooter Extraordinaire William Cook hit turnaround J after turnaround J, despite clinging-to-his-toga defense by Hank Grahn and doubling defenders. Also as expected, Julani Ghana attacked the rim early, and Green kept close for much of the first half to only trail 37-25 at the intermezzo. However, Blue really clamped down on defense in the second stanza, led by the ever-disruptive Ennis on the perimeter and Wilkins and Sowden in the paint, and Green had a difficult time putting together a scoring run to overcome the deficit. Brian Smyth drove hard to the middle and hit a tough runner, Dom Frasinelli nailed a baseline jumper, Chris Arizin displayed flashes of his Drexel glory with some buckets of his own, and Rob Dowd was Mister Assister from the point, but it was mostly one shot and done for Green as Sowden, Wilkins, and Grahn really cleaned the glass. On offense, Blue spread the floor to take advantage of Sowden in the middle or guards getting shots if Green collapsed inside. As the half wound down, Blue expanded the lead despite terrific shooting and hustle from Green, and Blue eventually won 67-48. Big Shane Sowden was high scorer for the day in his final Old and Slow appearance for 2014 as he dropped in a cool 28, Bentivegna added 18, and Grahn 14. For Green, net-scorchers Jules Ghana and William Cook each had 16 to lead their team. Courtesy of Wilkins D, no foul called...








The second game was the Spectators Special for the day (until the 3rd graders came in for Media Hoops...). It featured #1 seed Durnell Gray Team versus a hot Wlotko Yellow Team (team was hot, not just Bob Wlotko...). Right from the opening tap, even with Gray needing a pick-up from the stands, this game was a back-and-forth beauty. As usual for Gray, Jason Williams played like a man possessed and hit some tough driving baskets early, and teammate Omar Thameen also attacked the rim with ferocity. Captain Shane Durnell hit some of his trademark floaters, and pick-up Wiliam Cook hit a sinker. Mike Skerritt, the best interior rebounder under 5'10", did it again by snaring several caroms in among the trees. But Yellow snowed down threes at the start, led by hot Captain Bob with a cool pair, Steve Fromal from across the street, and Luke Wilson with his 10'1" trajectory missiles bombing in. The under 4-foot crowd was banging on the bleachers and wildly cheering for Billy Ryan as he hustled hard and pushed the pace. Kenny Cross did what he does best (no, not foul...) by cleaning the boards, altering shots, and running the lane. He and fellow Big - Joe D'Antonio - had some absolutely beautiful big-to-big passing and basketball, as did teammate Mark Shaw, throughout the entire game. Still, the assertive aggression of Gray matched the play of Yellow and it was razor close at 37-35 Gray leading at the half. The second half started out close too, with neither side wanting to yield an inch. For Gray, Durnell nailed another 3, Williams scored field goals and free throws, Skerritt added some baskets, and Omar Thameen had an Old Fashioned Three Point Play. But Yellow was steady and surgical with their team play. With the score tied at 50 apiece, Yellow was able to jump up as Mark Shaw hit back-to-back threes and Gray simultaneously missed the front ends of 2 one-and-one free throws. That two minute stretch proved to be critical. Yellow continued to hit some shots from inside and out, but they could not stop a furious rally in the closing minutes as Omar Thameen shot out of this world and nailed 3 threes late to bring Gray within 4 points. Yellow missed a foul shot of its own and Jason Williams heaved in a long three from beyond the mid stripe, but it was too little as the horn sounded and gave Yellow a hard-earned 70-69 victory. Yellow had terrific offensive balance as D'Antonio had 17, Wilson 15, Cross and Shaw 11 each, and Wlotko 10. For Gray, Jason Williams netted 27, Omar Thameen played his best scoring game of the season by nailing 23, and Captain Shane dropped in 10.


Our many thanks to the Green and Gray teams for an outstanding season in finishing 1 and 2 this Fall. You guys played hard and played well and were a joy to watch and to compete against.


And now there are only two teams remaining: Christenson Blue will play Wlotko Yellow for the 2014 Old and Slow Fall Championship next Sunday at 9:30am. Don't miss the excitement!

Championship Game 12/14 - for the trophies!

9:30a   #3 Christenson Blue (C) vs. #4 Wlotko Yellow (F)


Final Regular Season and Playoff Standings

Durnell Gray (E) 8-3
Dowd Green (D) 7-4
Christenson Blue (C) 7-5
Wlotko Yellow (F) 6-6
Bentivegna Purple (B) 4-7
Adderley Black (A) 2-9


XL Is The New XVII: Quarterfinals Excitement

Playoffs started today with 4 teams playing hard start to finish and providing some good basketball for our biggest crowd of the year.


Game 1 Pitted the resurgent Wlotko Yellow versus the Bentivegna Purple and both teams were ready to win. Yellow got off to a fairly good shooting start as early threes came from Steve Fromal, Luke Wilson, and Mark Shaw. However, Purple countered with baskets from Captain Peter and Zang brothers Matt and Brendan. The game stayed very close until about the mid-point of the first half when Yellow hit 3 threes and Purple committed 3 turnovers in short span. That 9-point stretch would prove to be critical. Andy "Shooting Buddy" Kirkpatrick whapped a three to stem the bleeding, and John Weir was tough-as-nails on defense, but Yellow maintained their composure and lead. Add in some good free throw shooting from Ken Cross, tough interior defense from Joe D'Antonio, and solid guard play from Bill Ryan and Bob Wlotko and Yellow got out to a 36-25 halftime cushion. Purple did not back down however, as Gary Zang came to life with some clutch shots, and the team played even tougher defense in the second half. The Purple defense was able to prevent any 2-point field goals by Yellow in the second stanza, and limited Yellow to a mere 15 points for the final 20 minutes. However, Yellow's defense was just as stingy and also clamped down on Purple's scoring. Late in the game, Yellow began to unravel somewhat with a few turnovers and missed foul shots and Purple cut the lead to 6. However, time ran out on any Purple comeback and Yellow's defense also held Purple to 15 in the final 20 minutes, making the final score 51-40 in favor of Yellow. Wilson led all scorers with 20 points, and Fromal added 18. For Purple, Bentivegna and Gary Zang each netted 10.


No Misprint: Jim Christenson and Pau Geli combine for 49 points!

The second game pitted the Adderley Black versus the Christenson Blue, and Black in the early 5-0 hole for not providing a tableworker. However, the hot shooting of the Blue team was the bigger issue for Black as Pau Geli was super active in the paint and at the foul line. And once again, Hank "Where did that come from?" Grahn pulled some three-point shooting out of his bag of goodies to nail some threes. Black stalwarts Paul Papanek and Joe McBride drove hard for some baskets, but within minutes, Blue was out to a 18-10 lead. Black showed tremendous pride and heart and stayed aggressive as Captain Shawn Adderley and Mailon Williams relentlessly attacked the rim for baskets and foul shots. They blocked several shots and fought hard on the inside. And though Blue got the not-to-be-taken-for-granted stellar play from Dave Ennis and solid defense from Chris "Microwave" Johnson and Chris Wilkins, it was Pau Geli who was unstopable today. Geli hit shots from all over the court, in the half court, on the break, putbacks, and free throws. Truly an outstanding performance start to finish. That early lead, the Hank Sauce, and the play of Geli added up to a Blue 45-32 halftime lead. Black came out hard again in the second half as Tim Kelly nailed several shots, Williams kept scoring, and Chis Billups was again relentless on the boards. And while black was hitting some fouls shots, it was able to close the gap a bit, but they just could not find an answer for Geli. He continued to score from everywhere, even hitting a 3-pointer, as teammates played hard and smart to keep Black from mounting a comeback. By the time the final horn sounded, Blue had sealed an 81-56 victory. Geli had the high game of the year with 45 points, Hank Sauce added 13, and Ennis 8. For Black, Mailon Williams scored a hard-earned 21, and Papanek added in 15.


Many sincere thanks to both the Purple and Black teams for playing hard throughout the season, and representing yourselves with competitive dignity and class today. It has been a pleasure to see you guys every Sunday.


There are no games next weekend for the holiday. Please enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving. When we return Sunday December 7th, the schedule will be s follows:

Playoff Schedule: Semifinals 12/7 - Win and play again, lose and go home....

8:30a    #2 Dowd Green (D) vs. #3 Christenson Blue (C)

(1 Gray and 1 Yellow team player to work table 8:30a please)

9:30a   #1 Durnell Gray (E) vs. #4 Wlotko Yellow (F)

(1 Green and 1 Blue team player to work table 9:30a please)


Final Regular Season and Playoff Standings

Durnell Gray (E) 8-2
Dowd Green (D) 7-3
Christenson Blue (C) 6-5
Wlotko Yellow (F) 5-6
Bentivegna Purple (B) 4-7
Adderley Black (A) 2-9

XL Is The New XVII Week 10: On To The Playoffs!

Sorry guys, but because of my absence, the write-up this week will be limited.


Game 1: Wlotko Yellow 55 Adderley Black 48

Top Scorers: For Yellow, Mark Shaw led his team with 25 points, Steve Fromal dropped in 13, Ken Cross added 10, and Wlotko 7. For Black, Mailon Williams led all scorers with 27 points, 12 for Paul Papanek, and 5 for Chris Billups.


Game 2: Christenson Blue 67 Durnell Gray 53

Top Scorers: For Blue, Shane Sowden tied for the high scorer for the game with 27, Pau Geli added 18, Chris "Microwave" Johnson added 7, Dave Ennis 6, Hank Grahn 5, and Chris Wilkins 4. For Gray, Jason Williams also poured in 27, Mike Gilbert netted 12, Omar Thameen 5, Mike Skerritt 4, Corey Johnson 3, and Steve Misetic 2.


Game 3: Dowd green 77 Bentivegna Purple 72

Top Scorers: For Green, William Cook was high scorer for the day with 30 points, Brian Smyth shot in 17, Jules Ghana and Chris Arizin each scored 13, and Captain Rob Dowd 4. For Purple, Matt Zang rained down 28, Tamir Harbin 17, Brendan Zang 14, Gary Zang 8, Andy Kirkpatrick 3, and John Weir 2.


Playoff Schedule: Quarterfinals 11/23 - Win and play again, lose and go home....

8:30a    #4 Wlotko Yellow (F) vs. #5 Bentivegna Purple (B)

(1 Blue and 1 Black team player to work table 8:30a please)

9:30a   #3 Christenson Blue (C) vs. #6 Adderley Black (A) 

(1 Yellow and 1 Purple team player to work table 9:30a please)

 First and second place teams Durnell Gray (E) 8-2 and Dowd Green (D) 7-3 have a first round bye.

Final Regular Season Standings

Durnell Gray (E) 8-2
Dowd Green (D) 7-3
Christenson Blue (C) 5-5
Wlotko Yellow (F) 4-6
Bentivegna Purple (B) 4-6
Adderley Black (A) 2-8

Current Standings


Durnell Gray (E) 8-1
Dowd Green (D) 6-3
Bentivegna Purple (B) 4-5
Christenson Blue (C) 4-5
Wlotko Yellow (F) 3-6
Adderley Black (A) 2-7

Old And Slow 2014 Fall League - XL Is The New XVII












Quarterfinal Round



Semifinal round






8:30 AM

Seed 5 Purplev Seed 4 Yellow


8:30 AM

Highest Winning Seed v Seed 2


9:30 AM


9:30 AM

Seed 6 Black v Seed 3 Blue


9:30 AM

Lowest Winning Seed v Seed 1







XL Is The New XVII Week 9: Penultimate Play

In the second-to-last weekend of the regular season, teams honed their games for the playoffs.


Game 1 was a solid match between Bentivegna Purple and Christenson Blue, with both teams missing key players but still ready to rock-n-roll by 8am. Purple jumped up quickly as Zang Bros Matt and Brendan arrived late but ran early and often to get fast-break baskets before Blue could match-up correctly. Added to this was some outside shooting buddies Andy Kirkpatrick (who shot well early despite a case of "chainsaw arm") and Captain Pete. Meanwhile, Gary Zang and John Weir anchored a collapsing 2-3 zone defense to try to hold Shane Sowden in check. Despite their presence, Shane still managed several baskets in the first half, and got some nice hard-nosed baskets from teammate Hank Grahn and excellent assisting from Dave Ennis. Still, the early running for Purple led them out to a 40-22 halftime lead. However, Blue came on strong like a pint of Aqua Velva to start the second stanza and with some 3-pointers from Grahn, Sowden, and Chris "Microwave" Johnson, as well as excellent hustle boards and defense from Captain Jim Christenson. Blue managed to cut the deficit to 8 points midway through the half. However, Purple got out on the break again, and distributed the ball nicely as all 6 teammates scored at least 1 basket in the half. But Blue really turned up their pressure as Ennis was disruptive as ever, Grahn and Christenson maniacal on the glass, Johnson threatened from deep, Christenson got bloodied but remained strong, and Shane Sowden played a fantastic game from all over the court. However, time just ran out on Blue as the early lead was too much to overcome and Purple went on to a 72-62 victory. Matt and Brendan Zang led the way with 20 and 18 respectively for Purple, Bentivegna added 17, and Kirkpatrick pumped in 12. Sowden was high scorer for the day with a surgeon-like 35 points from all over and another 19 from Grahn.


Game two was another good match-up between the hot-shooting Dowd Green and rising Wlotko Yellow. Green jumped out early again led at the start by William Cook, but teammates Julani Ghana, Dominic Frasinelli, Jim Nicholson, and Rob Dowd also added field goals and foul shots while Chris Arizin was a monster in the lane on defense and clearing tough rebounds. Yellow was a bit slow to start, but kept close by nailing 4 threes to begin the game, then got hot mid-stanza. Mark Shaw, like last week, displayed nice shooting in leading a Yellow flurry with baskets raining from him, Captain Bob "Super Cap" Wlotko, Joe "Superstrong" D'Antonio, Luke "Superbad" Wilson, and Steve "Supergood" Fromal. Ken "Not-on-my-Watch" Cross went into defensive Beast Mode in the paint and swatted shots by swinging like pugilists in a catfight over a man at the nightclub. The furious run led Yellow to a 36-30 halftime lead. But the story was not finished there, as Green kept on shooting as they do, and got a flurry of its own from Ghana and Dowd, with Cook, Frasinelli, Nicholson, and Arizin all applying a python's grip on defense. Green retook the lead mid-period, and Yellow found it much harder to score in the second half and had to foul late to try to climb back in. Green missed several foul shots, but Yellow could not capitlalize. Arizin finally made 5 of his final 6 free throws to seal a 65-57 Green victory over Yellow. For Green, Ghana had 18 points, Cook added 17, and Dowd dropped in 14. Yellow again had good balance as Shaw nailed 14, D'Antonio 12, and Wilson and Fromal ech had 11.



Game 3 was a show of speed and guts, as Durnell Gray came racing out of the chamber on a breakneck scoring pace unseen all season in Old and Slow. Adderley Black was the target of the assault, but throughout the game displayed tremendous heart and guts in continuously playing hard and giving great effort regardless of the score. For Gray, the bliztkrieg was led quickly by Jason Williams and Corey "Blade" Johnson, who hit shots from all over the court. As well, teammates Omar "the Glove" Thameen and Steve Misetic were very active on both ends in causing turnovers and snaring rebounds. Point guard Shane Durnell also got into the scoring act by nailing some running jumpers. But Black attacked as well. Chris "Karl Malone Jr." Billups was again a giant on the boards and in the lane, Paul Papanek continually attacked the rim, and teammates Tim Kelly, Joe McBride, and Shawn Adderley all got into the action as each player on Black scored at least one basket in the opening half. However, the speed and precision of the shooting and passing assault by Gray was overwhelming as they got out to a 52-21 halftime lead. Undaunted, Black Captain Shawn Adderley came out swinging and shooting in the second half by scoring 9 points in the first 9 minutes of half two, and Papanek and Kelly also added hoops while McBride was active all over. Billups continued to clean up on the glass and Black displayed tremendous pride snd respect in playing hard each minute of this game. Many props to Adderley Black teammates Shawn Adderley, Tim Kelly, Paul Papanek, Chris Billups, and Joe McBride. In the end, the scoreboard lighted brightly for Gray, as all 5 Gray teammates scored at least once in each half, passed brilliantly, defended hard, and ran swiflty in sprinting to a 93-55 victory. Jason Williams led all scorers in the game with 32, Corey "Blade" Johnson dropped 26 (21 in the first half), Captain Shane had his best scoring game so far with 16, and Thameen added 11. For Black, Papanek had a gutsy 20, Adderley a hustling 13, and Billups a hard-hat-and-hammer 10 points.


Next Sunday, November 16th, is the final game of the regular season. Jim Christenson will be in charge of the day as Peter Bentivegna will be out of town. Please continue to display the spirit, friendship, and honor of Old and Slow.


All teams make the playoffs beginning 11/23. Durnell Gray and Dowd Green have locked up the #1 and #2 seeds respectively and a first round bye. All other teams are vying for seeds 3-6. Teams with equal records shall have seed determined via tiebreakers as follows: (1) head-to-head record (2) most points scored head-to-head (3) most points scored all season. All playoff games will have same rules as regular season, be single elimination, and have 2 referees.


Good luck to all, have a great final regular game, and be sure to know your team's day and time of all remaining games.

XL Is The New XVII Week 8: Clocks Move Back, 3 Teams Ahead

Sorry Old and Slowers,

No pictures this week, so you'll have to rely on your solid memories of today's glorious games for visuals.

Games got underway with the change of the clocks having little benefit or detriment apparently. In the first match-up of the Top 2 teams, Durnell Gray came out wide awake as did the Dowd Green. And though both teams were active, the early segment was more like the Green William Cook versus the Gray Corey Johnson UFC (Ultimate Flinging Championship) Match as both shooters were on fire right after the opening tip. Corey had 10 and Cook had 12 in the first 8 minutes of the game respectively before teammates started to catch up. Gray Captain Shane Durnell got it going in the first half with several nice J's, while the Mike and Mike combination (Skerritt and Gilbert) added several hustle plays and baskets. Cook's teammates also added a balanced attack as Brian Smyth hit from outside, Chris Arizin and Dominic Frasinelli some FTs, and Jim Nicholson and Jules Ghana each dropped in buckets. However, Gray held a 34-27 halftime lead. The pace hastened in the 2nd half as both teams cranked up their running games. Smyth continued to hit long bombs and FTs, Ghana dropped in a trey, and Arizin shot very well from various spots on the floor including some deep ones. Captain Rob also chipped in a well-timed basket. But Gray was heating up too. Like the regularity of Daylight Savings, Steve Misetic pulled down a bushel of rebounds with a pair of putbacks and Gilbert continued attacking the rim. But the cream rises to the top, and the late game was dominated by Gray's Jason Williams and Omar Thameen. The dynamic duo combined for 25 points in the final 10 minutes on a variety of attacking drives and foul shots to pull away from Green in the end by 81-67. Williams was the leading scorer for the day with 32 points, and teammates Thameen, Gilbert, and Johnson added 12, 11, and 10 respectively. Green was led by Smyth with 23 and Cook with 21.


Game Two began with Bentivegna Purple and Wlotko Yellow at a much different pace than the opener. Both teams played steady defense and measured offense, but Yellow got ahead early on the strength of Joe D'Antonio and hustle baskets from Luke Wilson. All Yellow players scored in the first half as Captain Bob Wlotko made a FT, Mark Shaw nailed a three (more to come...), Bill Ryan scored from outside, and Ken Cross got in a bucket and some FTs also. Purple struggled in the first half to get a scoring rhythm. Matt Zang and Pete Bentivegna hit threes early, Andy Kirkpatrick hit a FT, and Brendan and Uncle Gary Zang each dropped a deuce. But the Purple team as a whole "dropped a deuce" in only scoring 20 points in the first half while Yellow netted 29. At the start of the second half, Yellow quickly opened its lead to 16 points thanks to torrid 3-point shooting from Mark Shaw. The whole Yellow team must have shared the same box of Wheaties in the morning as jumpers began to rain down from Yellow when Ryan, Wilson, and Ken Cross got shots to drop for them. This also opened the lane for continued damage from Cross and D'Antonio. But Purple played with a lot of heart and pride and continued to fight hard. John Weir caught a late fire in his shorts and scored all 10 of his in the last 10 minutes of the game, Brandan Zang ran the floor for fast-break opportunities, Andy Kirkpatrick nailed a three, and Captain Pete kept getting to the rim and foul line. In the end, Yellow's hot shooting was too much and sent Purple down in flames 65-50. Wilson was the game's high scorer with 20, Shaw added 14, D'Antonio 12, and Ken Cross 10. For Purple, Bentivegna scored 18, Weir had 10, and there was a total of 18 scored by someone named Zang.


The final game of the morning showcased the Christenson Blue getting out to an early 9-0 lead over the Adderley Black. Thanks to scores from Pau Geli, perfect foul shooting from Slim Shady Shaney Sowden, and jumpers from Jim Christenson and Hank Grahn, Blue was able to assert offensive control. Black struggled to score in the firt half, but continued to battle with honor. Tim Kelly nailed a three with nice touch, Pail Papanek kept attacking the giant front line, Bill Dirita controlled the perimeter game, Chris Billups played like the Tasmanian Devil on the boards (again...), and Joe McBride showed good shooting touch. Still, baskets were hard to achieve for Black, in part because of the scrappy defense by Ron Deshields, Chris "Microwave" Johnson, and Chris Wilkins, but also just the hard luck of missing shots. Blue went up 32-14 at the half. Much to their credit, Black kept playing hard in the second half and cut the lead way down to 10 late in the game. Billups showed no signs of slowing down, Captain Shawn Adderley skittered to several baskets, and Mailon Williams and others shot well from the foul line. But despite some late threes by Papanek and McBride, Blue had too much steady fire power. Wilkins, Grahan, and Johnson steadied the Blue floor play, but Twin Towers Shane Sowden and Pau Geli scored 21 of Blue's 23 in the closing stanza to lead Blue to a 55-42 win. For the game, Sowden led all scorers with an efficient 21, Geli added 19, and Grahn tossed in 13. Black was paced by Papanek with 12 and Chris Billups with 10.


Two weeks remain in the regular season, so get primed for playoffs by getting all your players to attend the last two, get some sleep, and get some easy baskets. Playoffs are win a go on, or lose and go home, so trophies go to whoever is hottest at the end.


See you all next weekend!



XL Is The New XVII Week 7: Two Goods, One Great

Week 7 had two good games sandwiched around a great game.


The opener was a cage match between Adderley Black and Bentivegna Purple. Black was able to get up early thanks to the out-of-the-gate scoring from Mailon Williams and jump shooting of Captain Shawn. And again unstoppable on the boards, Chris billups had 10 first half points, mostly on offensive put-backs. Purple was short-handed for regulars but had Ken Cross to help, and so they went to work attacking Black as well. The brother duo of Matt and Brendan Zang were active early, and kept Purple close with hustle points, while teammates John Weir and Pete Bentivegna added jumpers and lane baskets in between. For Black, Paul Papanek got the Willie Nelson train a-rollin on some trademark drives to the hoop, but Purple used its hustle to take a 35-32 lead at the half. The second stanza featured more nice shooting from Adderley and Tim Kelly, while Bill Dirita played tough ball-hawking defense and also added a basket as well. However, the Zang brothers were persistent in their attacks on the fast break, and consistently Purple was able to get numbers down the court. Cross did a great job of controlling the boards in the second half for Purple, but Black still tried to keep pace offensively as Williams was still able to score. In the end, the Purple hustle was too much and they outran Black by a 81-66 final tally. Matt Zang was the game's high scorer with 26, bro Brendan added 21, Bentivegna 20, and John Weir double digits with 10. For Black, Williams had 24, Adderley and Papanek 13 apience, and Billups finished with 10.


Game Two might have been the best game of the year so far, as first place Durnell Gray took on a resurgent Wlotko Yellow. Both teams played intensely from the start, and both kept close to each other in a back and forth battle much of the way. Gray picked up a 5th player in the form of Mailon Williams, but it was Jason Williams who got Gray going early with a basket and some foul shots. Teammate Corey Johnson banged a pair from outside, and Captain Shane hit on a couple of nice pull-up J's as well. But Yellow countered with some active scoring from guard Steve Fromal and terrific big man clinic play from Ken Cross, Joe D'Antonio, and Mark Shaw. Despite some hustle plays and points from Mike Skerritt and Mailon Williams, Gray trailed Yellow 25-24 at halftime. However, Gray came out scoring early in the second half, and the charge was led by the Williams brothers as Jason and Mailon both scored on a variety of attacks to the basket. Durnell kept play steady at the point and Skerritt stayed tough on defense and the glass. Gray started to pull ahead by a few points, though Yellow stayed within range thanks to Luke Wilson heating up at the right time, D'Antonio being a monster in the middle, Fromal nailing some threes, and Wlotko hitting a key jumper in the corner. Late in the game, Yellow was forced to intentionally foul Gray and the strategy worked as Gray missed a few free throws late enabling Yellow to creep closer. Jason Williams hit 1 of 2 free throws to give Gray a 3 point lead with under 3 seconds to play. Yellow inbounded the ball to midcourt to Wilson, who took a hard dribble or two and went to lauch a long jumper just over the mid-court line. As he did so, he was fouled on a hustling play by Gray, and so Wilson stepped to the foul line with 1.4 seconds remaining and a chance to tie the game by sinking 3 freebies. Wilson cooly made the first 2 shots, and Gray called a time out to ice the Yellow guard. However, Luke was unfazed and used the old "bang the foul shot high off the rim and near the supports before it barely rattles in" technique to make the third shot and send the game into OT. In overtime, the game stayed close and went back and forth as D'Antonio hit a Yellow basket, Jason Williams made a FT and Corey Johnson landed an old-fashioned three point play. With about 15 seconds to play, Joe D'Antonio muscled in a bucket and free throw to give Yellow the 1 point lead. Gray got he ball downcourt quickly, looked to Jason who was well covered, and a loose ball found its way to Johnson. Corey took a few dribbles looking for an opening in the Yellow defense, but Billy Ryan clamped off the lane with outstanding defensive footwork. With the clock winding down, Johnson drove on Ryan anyway, Billy kept great position forcing Corey into a tough runner, but the Gray guard was able to hang long enough to hit a tough running banker with Ryan right in his grill with less than 2 seconds to play. Yellow got a time out and got a full court pass to Mark Shaw in the lane which was reminiscent of Duke v Kentucky at the Spectrum and Christian Laettner getting a turnaround jumper. As if we all watched in slow motion, Mark was able to turn at the top of the lane and get off a good looking jumper, but it was a bit off balance and glanced off the side of the rim as the horn sounded. Gray held on for the 67-66 victory. With the running game winner, Corey Johnson led Gray with 23 points, and Jason and Mailon Williams added 21 and 13 respectively. For Yellow, Fromal led the game's scorers with 27, D'Antonio added 19, and Wilson 9, none bigger or better than those 3 foul shots at the end of regulation.


The 10am game was a classic match-up of Inside versus Outside as Christenson Blue took on Dowd Green. Pau Geli came out of the jump ball on fire and hit 3 quick baskets on some nice assists from Dave Ennis and Shane Sowden. Ron Deshields showed active hands and feet as he consistently defelected Green passes, and Jim Christenson added in a baseling jumpoer to give Blue a good start. But Green is a team of shooters, and got some early outside shots from Brian Smyth and William Cook, as well as baskets and free throws from Julani Ghana, Steph Dashiwsky, and Jim Nicholson. The play was active and quality, and Cook continued to hit difficult threes and Dom Frasinelli garnered loose balls for Green, but the giant frontline of Geli, Sowden, and Chris Wilkins was able to control the paint and defense enough to give Blue a 2 point lead at the half. The second half really featured the Sowden and Geli show early as Blue went on a 16-3 scoring run early (all 16 by those two) to reach a 44-29 lead. However, Geli got a technical foul and had to sit out the remainder of the half, which enabled Green to climb back into the game despite missing many shots. Shooters shoot, but they also defended here, and with Geli on the bench, Blue tiring, and the lid slowly coming off the Green basket, the trio of Smyth, Ghana, and Cook was able to get Green back to a 50-50 tie late in the game. Captain Rob Dowd and Dashkiwsky helped plug the lane to prevent Wilkins and Sowden from dominating, but Blue got some timely foul shots from Ennis and Sowden to keep its lead long enough to claim a 57-55 hard fought victory. Sowden was the game's high scorer wit h22, Geli dropped in 18, and Ennis added 10. Green had an unusually off-shooting day, but still got 17 from Cook, 13 from Smyth, and 12 from Ghana.



XL Is The New XVII Week 6: Defense, Defense, & More Defense

Week 6 featured some pretty good defense in all 3 games.


The 8am game pitted the Christenson Blue versus the Wlotko Yellow and early on, it seemed Blue might have a runaway as they jumped out to a 10-0 lead In the first 4 minutes. Led by Pau Geli with 6 and teammates Hank Grahn and Jim Christenson each with a hoop, as well as the usual great hustling hard play from Ron Deshields and masterful floor control from point guard divine Dave Ennis, Blue looked strong early. But Yellow settled in, and got a steady and balanced offensive attack as 5 players all chipped in baskets. Big Men Ken Cross and Joe D’Antonio asserted themselves in the lane, and there was also very good guard play from Luke Wilson, Bill Ryan, Bob Wlotko, and Steve Fromal. Yellow scored the next 16 points of the game and went into halftime with a 26-21 lead. In the second half, Yellow tightened their defense a little more, and the rim shrunk significantly on Blue. Geli hit 2 baskets, Grahn sprayed a few jumpers, Chris Wilkins was able to power in a basket and muscle some boards, but overall scoring was difficult for Blue. All 6 players for Yellow scored in the second half, featuring some good team basketball and culminating in a nice assist to Cross to seal the victory for Yellow at 49-33. Wilson led Yellow with 15 points, and Ryan and D’Antonio added 12 and 10 respectively. For Blue, Geli dropped in 15 hard-earned points, and Grahn contributed 9.


The second game also displayed some good defense as the Adderley Black took on the Dowd Green and its wave of shooters. William Cook broke the ice for Green with some terrific rebounding and a few baskets. Chris Arizin displayed nice touch on some lane jumpers and Brian Smyth put in a few shots, both scorers receiving nice feeds from Rob Dowd and Jim Nicholson. Black played hard, and Paul Papanek put in 14 points in the first stanza. Joe McBride scored 2 nice baskets, and Chris Billups was a monster on the boards again, but overall the Black rim seemed to be shrinking. Green kept making a few more shots and got out to a 35-20 halftime lead. But all the credit to Black as they continued to play hard, especially late in the second stanza. Papanek kept scoring, but Captain Shawn Adderley got hot with several nice drives to the basket, Bill Dirita dropped in 2 baskets, Billups stayed assertive in the lane, and McBride laid out a beautiful And-1 “Hot Sauce” lookey-there-not-here behind the back assist and Black was able to cut the lead from 22 to 10 with two minutes remaining. But Steph Dashkiwsky owned the scoring from Green in the second half as he tossed in 13 in the stanza, aided by some timely field goals and foul shots from Dowd, Smyth, and Arizin. Time ran out on Black as Green won 64-55. For Green, Cook led the way with 22 points, Dashkiwsky added 15, Smyth 11, and Arizin 10. Papanek led Black and all game scorers with 27, and Adderley added 12, all in the final half.


The final game was a rematch of an aggressive game between Durnell Gray and Bentivegna Purple. The game was back and forth from the start, as both squads went after each other hard but fair. Jason Williams set the tone early for Gray by scoring on drives to the rim and short put-backs. He was aided by point guard Shane Durnell hitting some jumpers, as well as sniper Corey Johnson scoring from outside. But Purple had some firepower of their own as Matt Zang and Pete Bentivegna combined for 22 in the first half, and all Purple players scored in the opening half. Late in the half Mike Skerritt hit a long three and Steve Misetic and Williams controlled the boards for Gray in helping them to a 33-32 halftime lead. The second half continued back and forth as both teams wanted to win. Williams continued to do damage on offensive rebounds, Johnson bombed away from outside, Omar "The Glove" Thameen clamped his defense on Captain Pete, and Misetic and Durnell added timely foul shots. Purple kept pace as Andy “Shooting Buddy” Kirkpatrick nailed some long threes, and Brendan Zang and John Weir had some nice hustling fast break baskets. Bentivegna did his best to keep Purple within one shot as he hit some key threes late and several foul shots. But there was too much Williams as Pete and Purple couldn’t stop his scoring drives and put-backs, and Gray went on the shave Purple by a final score of 61-58. Williams was the day’s high scorer by pumping in 31, and teammate Durnell added 11. Captain Pete led Purple with 23, Matt Zang added 13, and Andy Kirkpatrick dropped in 10.


Thanks to all who made this Sunday go smoothly. Check your game times and table assignments for next week, get your teammates here, and we’ll see you Sunday morning at the Media Youth Center.

Old And Slow League

Welcome to Season XVII of Old and Slow - "XL is the New XVII."

The league costs $90 per player, payable in cash or check made payable to "Peter Bentivegna - Media Youth Center," and each team will play 10 games plus playoffs. Please pay in the first Sunday of play. Any player not paid by the start of week 3 will not be permitted to play until payment arrangements are made. Please speak to me in person if you or a teammate needs payment assistance of any kind. All monies not used for shirts, referees, and trophies will go to the Media Youth Center.

Here are the team rosters, schedule, and rules we have all agreed to abide.

  1. Code of Conduct: please conduct yourself at all times and with all people such that you, your teammates, and all other league participants in any form can all say "I really enjoyed that, I want to come back next season and bring a friend with me."
  2. Spirit of Old and Slow: this league is in its 17th year because we have always focused on friendship, sportsmanship, helping the Media Youth Center, and then competition...in that order. We have lost some welcomed and likeable players over the years because they have not enjoyed the spirit of some individuals. Be assured that all players want to play hard and win, but all players want to remain healthy and we are all here at the invitation of friends and the MYC. We want to be able to extend that invitation again in the next season.
  3. Team Information and Schedules: each team will play 10 games (versus each opponent twice) and will also make the playoffs. Players need to play in at least 4 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs unless they have an injury or other Captains-approved extenuating circumstances for excessive absence. The Top 2 teams get a 1st week bye in the playoffs, while #3 plays #6 and #4 plays #5 (by records, tie-breaker is head to head record, then season total point differential). Semifinal week will pit #1 versus lowest/worst remaining seeded team and #2 versus the highest/best remaining seed. Team Rosters, Info, and Schedule are attached in a single document of 2 worksheet tabs. Please keep this with you and print as needed so that Captains and teammates do not have to keep answering basic questions for you or others.
  4. Table Management: with 6 teams, the two teams playing at 10am will have a Table-Duty-Bye each week. The teams playing at 9:00am each will be responsible for supplying 1 table-worker for the 8:00am game (e.g. Table at 8a, Game at 9a). The teams playing the 8:00am game each will be responsible for supplying 1 table-worker for the 9:00am and 10:00am games (e.g. Game at 8a, Table at 9a and 10a). If a team does not provide a table-worker, they will be assessed a 5 point penalty in their next game. Please do not assume this is something the Captains only will do, everyone please help when you can.
  5. Rules and Referee: each team has 7 or 8 players and games are two 20-minute halves. The first 18 minutes are running clock, the last 2 minutes of each half are stop-clock. Overtime is 2 running minutes and then 1 stop-clock minute for a total of 3 OT minutes. Every player plays every game, and please try to assure each player plays at least 1/3 to 1/2 each game. Teams must start the game with 5 players, but can play with only 4 if needed. Please do you best to assure your team has at least 5 players each week. If not, the opposing team has the option to force a forfeit or permit adding a temporary 1-game player to the undermanned team to make a starting 5 roster. Once a game starts with 5 players aside and is not a forfeit, then it counts towards final team record. To make the league affordable, and help the MYC, we play all regular season games with 1 PIAA certified referee. All playoff games will have 2 referees. Please encourage all teammates to minimize disagreements with referees, do not curse, and abide by a general conduct of fairness and sportsmanship.
  6. Fouls and Technical Fouls - Behavioral and Non-Behavioral: All players are permitted 6 personal fouls per game, with removal from the game occurring on the 6th personal foul as in the NBA. Behavioral Technical Fouls (e.g. excessive cursing/arguing, Spirit of O&S infractions, dirty play, mal-intent, etc.) count as a personal foul, and also award the opponent 3 fouls shots plus ball possession. We will have in place the same rules for behavioral technical fouls as last year: 1st Tech of the season and player is removed for the remainder of the half. Second Tech and the player is out the remainder of that game and next game. Third Tech and player is out of Old and Slow permanently. Technical fouls for non-behavioral infractions (e.g. hanging on rim, wrong foul shooter, touching inbounding ball over the boundary line, etc.) do not incur half/game expulsions or personal-foul status, but as in PIAA will result in 2 foul shots and ball possession for the opponent.
  7. Player Waitlist and Teams in Need: every year we have players who want to play but do not register on time. As well, every year we have teams that lose players to injury or attrition. After each team has played 3 games, we will allow for each team to receive waitlisted players according to need and record. For example, an 0-3 team missing 2 players will be assigned a waitlisted player or two before a 3-0 team missing 1 player. Captains will communicate after the 3rd games have been played and try to come up with the most fair distribution of waitlisted players. Waitlisted players should be assigned according to who registered earliest, but a team missing 2 big men should not be assigned 2 guards just because those were the first waitlisted players. This will hopefully help keep the league balanced, competitive, fun, and fair, so that players wish to return with a friend next season.

For more information, please contact Peter Bentivegna at (484) 358-9596


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