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Volunteer Background Check Information - Mandatory!

Mandatory Background Check Instructions for MYC VOLUNTEERS

Volunteers must submit background check results before they participate in their volunteer activity/position.

These requirements apply to any volunteers at MYC (examples include but are not limited to coaches, program mentors, etc).

To comply with PA state laws, volunteers need to complete background checks. Please see the requirements below to determine if you will need 2 or 3 of the documents. Because the 3rd check (FBI Fingerprints) can take up to 2 weeks to receive the results, it is very important that you start this process ASAP. Most people will only need the first 2 background checks (available at no cost for volunteers). If you need the FBI fingerprints, you will need to pay for this cost (approx. $25). Background checks will need to be re-done every 60 months (5 years) or in accordance with current PA state laws.


Which background checks do Volunteers need?

IF the volunteer has lived in PA for the entirety of the past 10 years – two clearances (PA Childline & PA State Police). Both are free for volunteer status. PLUS a signed affidavit regarding residency and affirming no offenses or convictions (this replaces the FBI fingerprints).  Click here to print the affidavit.

IF the volunteer has NOT lived in PA for the entirety of the past 10 years – all three clearances are needed: PA Childline (free), PA State Police (free) & FBI Fingerprints (approx $25).


What if I already have some / all of these background checks? Please submit copies to Jennifer Pyc ASAP (see submitting results instructions below) so she can verify whether or not they can be used to comply with the laws.


To complete your background checks, you will need:

  • a computer with internet access,
  • a list of all of the previous addresses where you have lived and the names of all the people with whom you lived or currently live with (including parents, siblings, etc). Give your best effort with the information. If you do not know everything, type in what you do know (i.e. if you can’t remember the entire address where you used to live, put in a partial address from what you can remember).
  • a credit card for payment (only if you need the FBI Fingerprints)

TURNING YOUR RESULTS IN TO MYC – you are responsible for submitting results for background checks to MYC. You should submit each result as soon as you receive it. You can email files to Jennifer Pyc, Operations Coordinator at mediayouthcenter@gmail.com OR put the results in an envelope (keep a copy for your files) and either place it in the MYC Drop Box by the front entrance to MYC or mail it to MYC, 1 Youth Way, Media PA 19063.




#1. PA Child Abuse History Clearance - Can be completed online. Go to the link below and click on "new user" to set up your login/user profile. Save the login/password information as you’ll need it again later.


You will need to choose the “volunteer” status in order for the check to be free. Please note that volunteer status background checks cannot be used for employment.

  • When you successfully finish, you'll see a screen that says "Submission Confirmation" and "success". If you get timed out during the application/payment process, please log back in to your account and your application will be accessible to finish and submit.
  • A few days later, you will receive an email indicating that your Clearance Certification is ready to print/save. You will need to log back in to your account in order to access the certificate.


#2. PA State Police Criminal Record Check:

Go to this link and complete your background check. Make certain that you print OR save as a file the "Certification Form" at the end of the process.


You will need to choose the volunteer status option in order for the check to be free. Please note that volunteer status background checks cannot be used for employment.

***When you get to the “results” page, you will need to click on your record # that starts with an R in order to actually see your results certificate. The certificte will be 1 page with a large seal of the state of PA superimposed over the text of the page.***


#3. FBI Fingerprint Background Check: this is a 3-step process, please read directions.

**Only needed if you have not lived in PA continuously for the past 10 years.  If you lived in PA continuously for the past 10 years, you need to sign this affidavit instead. 


Step 1 - register online first (you will need to either print or write down your Registration ID#) - go to the PA Dept of Human Services FBI Fingerprint registration website at:

For “Reason for fingerprints” you will choose "23PACSA6344.2 DHS Volunteer”

Step 2 - go to a fingerprint center to have your prints done (you need to bring with you the Registration ID # plus a photo ID)

You can view a list of Fingerprint locations in DE county here -- https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index_dpwNew.htm

Sometimes appointment-only locations take a long time to get an appt. The walk-in location might be best.


Please see the information at the top of these instructions on how to submit your results for each of the background checks to MYC. You should submit each result to MYC as soon as you receive it.

A note on confidentiality: MYC will keep your background check results confidential.  Our Background Check Policy is available upon request to mediayouthcenter@gmail.com.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with completing these items. MYC office tel# is 610.566.5877 or email is mediayouthcenter@gmail.com. 


Jennifer Pyc,

MYC Operations Coordinator

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